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Found 4 results

  1. Description: I need a Programm that can show the percentage fill of the DE Energy Core and 6 TE res. Cells. Function: I would like if it looks like that: It would great if a Tier 2 max Setup can Handle it, because the Diamond Nugget (Enhanced Portals) and the Diamond Chip (OC) conflicts with the recipe. Deadline: I dont need a Deadline but i would like to see it soon Additional Information: Simply ask me if you have other questions Thank you in advance ~Spirit
  2. mc also means microcontroller if you didn't know. Hello there, were you banging your head against a wall while you tried to automate Draconic Evolution's Fusion Crafting? Well, I was about to, but I realized OpenComputers has got my back(like always). So, I wrote this simple program that runs on a mc to do this job properly for me. I made it with Applied Energestics auto-crafting in mind and I've got a mod that implements transporting pipes that can round-robin one item at a time(EnderIO) in the modpack I play on, so if you want it to run based on something else, you might need to tweak t
  3. I need some help in improving my code in my Draconic tool tier i have five out that the recipes for the each tier is the same other then different key upgrades using it. I'm new to coding thing in lua and i hoping posting would help in learning how to improve my code. Heres my code. local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local colors = require("colors") local rs = component.redstone local tier = 0 local c = 15 --color also using enderio cables while true do if rs.getBundledInput(sides.top,colors.red) > 0 then -- this part of ther code changes wh
  4. This is an emulator of the Draconic Evolution's reactor. Basically, it emulates all inputs and outputs of the reactor with great precision. It is based on the actual Draconic Evolution's code. I made that to be able to test automatic control softwares without blowing up my base or needing to go in a creative world. Here's the pastebin link https://pastebin.com/WduATMTF To use it you simply use a require like always. The functions all have the same name than the Draconic Evolution's API. I also added some custom functions to control stuff like fake flux gate for example. He
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