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Found 4 results

  1. Once I wanted to automatically farm using OpenComputers. First I made robot, but 1.7.10's block update stutter made active robot annihilate framerate. Thus I opted for entity-based agent and made code to operate drone for autonomous farming. And now I decided to release the code for everyone to enjoy my work. Feel free to improve upon it, or use as is. Example setup: Inventory of active drone: Drone minimum components: Drone Case (Tier 1) Geolyzer Inventory Upgrade Central Processing Unit (CPU) (Tier 1) Memory (Tier 1) EEPROM wi
  2. Hey guys! I was playing technical MC a lot and found out that a power plant based on Immersive Technology's CCGT (gas/steam turbine) cycle is kinda challenging to control. You should pull all the levers in some specific order to set turbines and all other stuff up and pray that all of the machinery will not throttle because of wrong synchronisation or too small fuel buffer. So after 3 days of coding in emulator, I came up with some kind of dashboard for single CCGT core (a setup with 2 gas turbines, 2 boilers and 1 steam turbine). I'm not sure that it is completely correct s
  3. Repository: https://github.com/cyb0124/OCRemote. The following is a copy of the repo's readme. OCRemote is an OpenComputers program by cyb0124 for item management and auto-crafting. Main features include: Extensive reuse of same machines for multiple recipes. Prioritization of recipes based on the current number of items stored. (e.g. deciding which crop to grow, or deciding which ore to process first.) Robust handling of multiple-input re
  4. Introduction Are you creating the secret underground base? A pyramid maze with all kinds of traps? Or just your high security door lock? Then it's very likely that you are using redstone. More complex designs require bigger circuits or computers. (redstone computers?) Programming with redstone cards or blocks is quite straightforward, but it can be quite annoying to always repeat yourself: local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local colors = require("colors") local rs = component.redstone rs.setBundledOutput(sides.north, colors.blue, true) --close entr
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