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  1. The non-https forum isn't set up properly. It leads to a "Welcome to nginx!" page. (go to http://oc.cil.li/ instead of https://oc.cil.li/ to see the issue).
  2. If you sneak right click with an empty hand, the robot should start. And robots can sneak right click.
  3. Did you remember to pass your main function, rather than the results of executing the main function, to pcall. Your error handling code should probably look something like this (if you're using pcall): local ok, err = pcall(main) -- notice no () if not ok then stopTimer() print(err) end
  4. As a general rule of thumb, the name of a texture is modid + ":" + blockName And after a bit of searching, I believe the fluids you're looking for have the following texture names: tconstruct:molten_enderium mo:matter_plasma tconstruct:molten_stone thermalfoundation:fluid/Fluid_ender_Still thermalfoundation:fluid/Fluid_ender_Flow
  5. What code are you using to unserialize the file? (if you had said it was the first line you might have gotten around it by making the file contain one table instead of two (wrap the entire thing in {})) Actually, from the lua manual (section 3.4.8 or 3.4.9 - Table Constructors) "The field list can have an optional trailing separator, as a convenience for machine-generated code."
  6. Just tried with fire fox on windows 10, doesn't happen there. But this issue does still exist on windows 10 google chrome.
  7. The nanomachines have a "saveConfiguration" method, that when executed will save the configuration to an unconfigured nanomachine item in your inventory.
  8. The only way I'm aware of that you can get NBT is using the getTileNBT method of the debug card. However this is a creative-only item. Though it seems you might be able to use the crop as a component if you have open peripherals installed.
  9. You're going to want to do write the bytes to the stream using string.char As an example, you can look at a program I made a while ago (it's slow from what I recall, but I was just testing stuff). http://pastebin.com/NLvQmUYh
  10. What style of server is it? Mostly I'm just curious if it's creative or survival or something else. (couldn't seem to find the info on your site, though that could be because I'm not registered)
  11. The delay is a config value, by default it's one second. I'd recommend waiting for a response from the nanomachines, that way you never send the next message early.
  12. computer.pullSignal uses the bubbling yield (rather than the user-exposed yield)
  13. OpenComputer wraps calls to coroutine.yield and coroutine.resume so that they can bubble sysyields. It's part of how OC handles component methods. (if you want to look at the code that does the yielding stuff you can check here )
  14. Aside from what Gangsir fixed, os.pullEventRaw doesn't exist in OC. Also, computer.pullSignal skips over all user created coroutines (so you'd need to override computer.pullSignal or event.pullFiltered to call coroutine.yield).
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