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  1. If you want to keep stuff private, then do exactly that. User accounts, password authentication, encryption. Those are the things a programmable computer allows. There is the feature of user access control, but I believe this to be a lazy solution because it enforces security through external game mechanics, not programming or even the computer itself.
  2. Should the String and Byte Array types be treated as atomic data types or as composites like Compounds and Arrays?
  3. My reasoning is a simple calculation, if I develop this OS and tutorial I help four people, if I develop another project of mine I help around 100 people, I only have a limited amount of time and if I did both, both would suffer. But in all honesty I was toying to revive this on "the backbourner" and work on it from time to time when I need a break from 231 and 219a, well we'll see. I also see the same problems with the wiki as you do, before I decided to do this I was thinking about creating another wiki that allowed a few more advanced things like submitting tutorials and semi-live communi
  4. OpenComputers only uses LuaJ when nothing else is possible, otherwise they use a native implementation for speed plus eris for persistance.
  5. I tried to make a genuine tutorial, but it doesn't seem like a lot of people want one.
  6. tim4242


    I have taken part in game jams before and I like the idea, I just worry that you won't find enough support from the community. But if you find some other guys / girls, count me in.
  7. tim4242

    Corrupt a wish

    Active, yes. But only in russian. I wish these wishes actually became true.
  8. To see if there is demand I added a poll, if there are ten or more votes in total on the 1 of june I'll create a small webpage and put it up for download, this will of course take a while but it will be on the way, if the counter doesn't reach 10 I'll declare this project dead. So if you want this tutorial continued vote now! EDIT: The poll is over and only 4 people voted so this is dead now on hiatus for a potentially infinite amount of time.
  9. I don't think it will the that far out, as there is a 1.8.9 version and updating isn't that hard, but I'm also still waiting for an official statement because I finally want to get started with mod integration. So yea propably not that far, but we'll propably have to wait until 1.9 gets stable.
  10. Well I'm happy some one actually read it, because I can't imagine it to be an interesting read and also I was getting to the limits of what the forum can do which you can see from the formatting, this means it was really frustrating to write the last part of it. If I ever pick this up again I'll propably create a little website for it, this way I won't be frustrated with the formatting because before this is finished it's going to be much bigger then now, and by then it'll either be THE guide on operating systems in OC or no one will read it. But enough with the ranting, I'll only continue t
  11. tim4242

    Corrupt a wish

    Well it turns out the hard part about teleportation is controlling where to teleport to. I wish automated cars where the norm because getting hit by them hurts.
  12. Well getting hit by a car sucks (I speak from experience (been hit twice in four month (drivers in Germany are terrible (there are too many "()()()()")))) but it isn't irrevertable damage so that's good and it's also good you are getting back into this I hope it works and wish you good luck with your recovery.
  13. tim4242

    #oc slogans

    11. #oc, where information is cheap and sanity is rare.
  14. Sorry for necroposting (even if it turned out good) I really thought this was new. Apparently I can't read.
  15. Well I'm a decent c/c++ and a a-bit-less-then-decent assembly programmer, but I also understand java and Minecraft modding. If you need help you can ask me but I don't have a great deal of time so you should maybe get someone else in.
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