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  1. Honestly, I haven't seen too many programs like this for OpenComputers. It seems really cool.The funny part is, for any Linux users your program could also mean Shell Editor (just a fun tip).
  2. If one would like, the code I have allows for 2 or more keypads to be used, the only difference is that you cannot have the special characters as it will only appear on the first keypad (unless you of course label each and then make the adjustments from there.
  3. Did you try reinstalling OpenOS beforehand? It's good to update the OS when new releases are out as usually there's something new/needed for programs.
  4. I'm currently working on translating this Repository from Russian into English, would you like me to send you the link? Also, I translated the Installer if you would like.
  5. Well set up the keypad script for my friend on a server, it's possible to replace the door controller for either a Redstone I/O or Redstone Card. I can post the script here if anyone would like. Also to get back through you need another keypad since the script only supports one with the Custom Numbers and such, you have to make it the original numbers and such.
  6. Sorry to keep bothering you, however, I have two final questions for you and your program. 1. What is the most "optimised" minimal setup this would work on? I'm thinking T2 since it needs a Wireless card, however, I'm not sure. 2. Am I allowed to use this for a kind of "Security Company" on a server I play on? Thank you for responding.
  7. Sorry, it was really late last night when I wrote that. After looking on the Server System's screen, I see the information, however, I don't think I exactly understand it. What is the long string of data for? The UUID of the card? Then what about the numbers following it? Sorry about all the confusion I caused last night, and perhaps just now. Thank you for helping me out however.
  8. Okay, after screwing around with your program, I thought of something. What if there was a log that was kept on the "Door" system, but unlike the output that is shown, it's a file that can be sent over the port other computers so that you (or whoever is Head Chief of Security) can read it on their own time.There should actually be two files in my opinion. One that is all successful attempts and one that is all failed. Both should be the same of course, showing the name of the player, the name of the card, the "password" on the card, and finally if it was locked when written or not. I made a little program thinking about it: http://pastebin.com/4pqh0L7J The problem is the fact that the data is everywhere. If you could figure out a way to fix it and incorporate it, I would be thankful.
  9. Thank you for this wonderful script, I was going to do something like this till I saw it. Got disappointed xD, but when I looked through the code it's amazing. I'd like to recommend something, though. I'd like an area where the owner could change the security code written, maybe others would to?
  10. It's a bit late, but maybe reinstall OpenOS from the floppy, then try to install MineOS?
  11. Anyone know how to get a better English version? I am having soo much trouble understanding lots of it.
  12. I am the post starter/killer.

  13. That's what I thought too XD. If you ever read Window's terms of service and stuff, you see they can access your computer, that's one of the things listed in Windows 10, that's why you can't use pirated software, they are like Norton Anti-virus, deep in your computer, looking at everything with access to everything.
  14. A GPU is a Graphics Processing Unit, a tier 3 screen doesn't make anything different from a tier 2 screen except resolution.
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