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Found 4 results

  1. This is program for robot quarry. It uses a special pattern thanks to which it is up to 40% faster than the default dig.lua. The digging pattern also stretches into infinity, so if you equip the robot with a chunk loader upgrade you never have to worry about it again. The robot also remembers its position, so it the quarry can be easily resumed. Source code and detailed explanation can be found on Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/vitSkalicky/oc-column-quarry Usage Assemble a robot (see Robot requirements below). Set up power, tool supply, etc. (see Setup below). Place the
  2. Welcome to TooMa inc, we present Quarry Services. This program is designed to mine chunks perfectly, and it will only mine those areas that you want through its client and server based system. Recomend download the installation file and save it in a floppydisk. Features: - Mine a full chunk except the central one. - You can use more than one robot to do the work. - You control how many chunks are mined or not. - The only expensive part is the robot, prepare some dimonds, gold and endstone. Recomendations: Only one mod quite usefull, a Mining World
  3. Hello ! Recently, I started to code in lua for fun. Here is my first program, and I'm quite proud of it. If you want to test this, you need to get it in your minecraft save file. (There certainly are tutorials on internet). Summary of the capabilities of this quarry robot : -Adjustable depth, length and width of the "hole" you want to dig -will get back to starting point if nearly out of power, inventory full -will stop if the tool (pickaxe, shovel, or paxel if mods installed) is too much damaged (>20% durability) -and maybe more that I forgot... N.B. :
  4. jhagrid77

    Quarry Program

    Description: I would like a quarry that can be given variable sizes for: Length, Width, and Height. I would of course like it to return to original position when inventory is full and when it needs to be refueled (unless there is a way for it to burn planks and coal for fuel), and can switch between three tools depending on the block (I want to use this program to mine an area that has cobwebs, stone, obsidian, ores, planks, and logs if that information is needed). Function: To mine in a specified area. Features requested: 1. Variabl
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