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  1. hello and welcome I'm creating a resource pack for OpenComputers that named"ModernComputers" For now it has nothing special really (just computer case and acid color changed :l ) but it will get better in future...... have any ideas and want it to get included in "ModernComputers"? just post it here ModernComputers.rar
  2. So thats why lua knows empty table values with nil values If you have time, plz go and answer my question
  3. I downloaded and installed Mineos from the forums But when running it im just seeing an error: "Attempt to index field 'localization' (a nil value)" I go to source to see where is this error from but what i saw is that: 'Localization' is an empty table value And when os trys to enter data into it , the error appears! Annnd im seeing another errors like this error in another open computer programs Such as lperskins python file editor: "Attempt to index field 'f' (a nil value)" If it isnt a bug, tell me why these errors appears And if its a bug, fix it in next versi
  4. Thats what im said in the previous post: That error is because of that : lua compiler confuses empty table(array) values with table values Maybe we need to report that in opencomputer's github repository as an bug
  5. "Directory/saves/*world*/opencomputers/*hdd id*/" Well i didnt see that coming ;D And thank you for the tip (Trying to use mineos on my oc but it has many bugs becuz of confusing "empty table(array)" values with "nil" values :l) Edit: the last error i had: (im tired of this debugging i had >:-l ) /lib/filesystem.lua:284: bad argument #1 (string exepected, got nil): stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' machine:29: in global 'checkArg' ..... /lib/MineOSCore.lua:117: in field 'getFileList' /lib/MineOSCore.lua:392: in method 'up
  6. oh good im also wondering why this os-owner needs our informations? annnnd im waiting for english comment-translated mineos-installer.lua to see how we can install mineos manually :l
  7. And you translated the installer? Great :)) Send it here for me Because i want to examine and see how it works Maybe i can create an "offline" installation .lua script for this mineos XD Because im troubled with installing mineos manually in my net-less computer And im seeing many people have trouble with downloading Another reason: topic creator doesnt seem to be online anymore And he isnt the mineos creator :l (why are you asking for mod the mineos :l )
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