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  1. @pierrecastor I don't know for sure but the issue appeared very early on in 1.7.4 and was only resolved with 1.7.5 so I'd assume yes.
  2. BRGC uses as much steam as the blades in your turbine support. Your turbine needs to have enough drag (aka coils) so that it doesn't go overspeed. You either don't have enough coils or you have too many blades.
  3. There is not. BRGC will push as much steam into your turbines as its blades can take. You could remove some blades to have BRGC push in 450mB/t or 425mB/t
  4. The downloader requires an insane amount of ram so you might have to give it more sorry it's... not well designed ^^;
  5. @Dankhus The reactor get's too hot and the program assumes there's a problem. Either there's a problem with your reactors design or with fluid transfer.
  6. There's a comma missing at the end of the "fluxGateDrainbackAddress" line
  7. Hi @KnockOutGamer There is no additional work required for 1.12.2. If you get the message, you propably have a typo somewhere.
  8. @stealth95l The grid controller drains your energy storage until it's below 20% and then carges it until it's 95% full. It does so by tweaking energy production to be just shy of what you are actually consuming for discharging and just a bit more when charging. The assumption here is that for charging, less production is more efficient overall, and keeping your energy storage filled for longer improves responses to sudden power surges. Note that it will always drive your components at their peak efficiency, unless you have passive reactors in your system and are requesting more energy than you can efficiently produce. Meaning: Turbines will always run at peak efficiency or are halted. Reactors SHOULD always run at peak efficiency except when you just need more power.
  9. @stealth95l Well it's just blindly dividing by 0 so... *cough* woops. 0 would be wrong btw - it should propably display "---" or maybe "not connected". @bjonnfesk You have OpenOS 1.7.4, which is bugged - you'll need to update OpenComputers or use the OpenOS updater. This has been discussed here quite a bit. BRGC is not on a public git repo because I never wrote a "build script" so I just checked in the entire OpenOS installation *cough* and use my package builder to build and upload the different libs and packages from the running installation *cough*. ( I should get that cold checked )
  10. There is no particular safety check in place - it's just that the system itself stops working properly at some point. There is code in place to mitigate some of it but unfortunately it's something that's nothing I can easily fix. The internal capacity is based on the reactors size but caps out at 50B. What you could do is build a second reactor and BRGC is gonna split the load.
  11. The main issue is that the internal steam capacity is limited to 50B so as soon as you hit >25B/t steam and it's no longer possible to level out at 50% (25B) everything kinda goes downhill.
  12. Hi @Freedbot, the issue is that BRGC has issues with certain reactor designs when you attempt to push past 50% total capacity. You could try to recalibrate the reactor with all turbines connected and see if that helps.
  13. No you will either have to use a loooong cable and chunkload a the entire cable or use some kind of mod that allows direct OC connectivity wirelessly
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