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  1. I'm not sure where the best place to put this was, so I hope it's not too out of place here. Is there any way to donate, even if it's just towards server costs or something? I've recently been reminded of how much I've gotten from the modding community (for all games really, not just Minecraft), and I realized that I've never really given anything back. I'd like to start fixing that if possible.
  2. Awesome script! Any idea how difficult it would be to make this connect to another OpenComputers device instead of a real server (via wireless card)? I've got a horrible/amazing plan to make a drone boot from an NFS server (and possibly even run a full OpenOS install), but I haven't had time to delve into the wireless communication protocol yet.
  3. Awesomeness. Thanks for that. In the future I'll have to remember to check to OS for thing like this. I'm still stuck in "other mod" mode I guess, where everything is a mod builtin function. I do find it amusing though, that the sleep function for regular computers is literally just attempting to pull events for however long, which is just the kind of hackish workaround I had been wondering about for the drones.
  4. os.sleep(1) works fine on computers and robots though. It's just on drones (and probably microcontrollers) that it crashes. I suspect that microcontrollers are missing a lot of the base functionality in computers, since none of the os.* functions seem to work. This makes sense for the most part, though there ought to be some analogue to "sleep", even if it's just manually running a loop that does nothing for a while. For my specific use case, I might be able to loop until getVelocity() equals 0, which I did forget to check, but there's probably a more general way to do it that I'm simply
  5. Yeah, sorry about that. I apparently managed to miss the little popup the first time I tried posting. I suppose that's what I get for trying to use the internet so late at night. In more useful news, I edited the first post with the version info, which I really should have added to begin with. Hopefully my drone issue is not also such a stupid mistake on my part.
  6. So I built a drone, and finally managed to get a custom bios running for test purposes. The problem is that I can't seem to get it to sleep (so that a move command can finish). Each time I try, I get the following error: bios:6: attempt to call field 'sleep' (a nil value) The code I'm using is: --local os = require("os") local drone = component.proxy(component.list("drone")()) while true do drone.move(1,1,1) --print("zomgwtf") os.sleep(1) drone.move(-1,-1,-1) end (The print and require statements were leftovers of various debugging attempts.) There's got to be a way to slee
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