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  1. Thank you for the answers. Indeed I can't get robot.use() to work even if I call it for 1sec. I guess the mod doesn't allow it. I wanted to use robot automation with early game blocks as much a possible. But I guess it's not going to happen easily.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm new to OC and am playing Sky Factory 3 which incorporates many mods into minecraft, including OC. I'm having trouble with robot.use() method. I'd like to make a Robot use a Sieve like I would. A Sieve is a block from another mod, Ex Nihilo Adscensi, that allows you to sieve blocks like Sand and Gravel and get other material from it. By placing a block of Sand in the robot's tool slot and calling robot.use(), with the Sieve in front of it, the robot successfully places the Sand in the Sieve. Then, it needs to make several uses of the Sieve for the Sand block to return
  3. Hello In the documentation modem.send() uses an address:string that identifies the receiver's destination. But modem's addresses are lonnng numbers. I've tried sending messages with just the first characters of the address, but that doesn't seem to work. It's impractical to use the long default address created for the modem. Is there a way to set this address to something smaller and more practical? Or do I really have to work with the looong default address?
  4. False alarm! I edited filesystem{ bufferChanges=false ..} in the wrong file, because Forge placed the settings.conf elsewhere. It does work.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to edit lua files outside of minecraft (for a more serious project editing on the "Screens" provided ingame sucks). I'm using Notepad++ for now. But the issue is that I'm editing this Robot's files at %appdata%/.minecraft/saves/mySave/opencomputer/..." and saving them, but the robot in game has a buffered version of it. So, to make changes take effect I'm currently having to quit the world and rejoin it. I'd like to edit the files outside of the game and have changes take immediate effect. I've tried turning filesystem{ bufferChanges=false ..} in the config fil
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