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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm using OC for the first time (FTB Beyond pack, OC I'm used to ComputerCraft and was wondering if anyone has any general tips to help shift my brain to OC. More specifically, my goal is to port over as much of my CC content as possible without recreating too many wheels. I've built up a collection of CC lua scripts. I manage and edit them on my webserver and download them in game. They are primarily focused on Turtles and the CC turtle API, so ideally, I'm looking to port those scripts for use with OC Robots. For reference, I'm not a coding Guru and making a full OS i
  2. CodersNet IP codersnet.cf Welcome to CodersNet! A friendly PvE Survival server to play with friends for Minecraft 1.10.2! Each player can create claims to protect their houses thanks to GriefPrevention! Rules: Don't grief. Don't deface the world. Don't exploit, use hacks or cheats. Don't spam and flood. Don't overload and crash the server. Don't crash ComputerCraft threads with your dirty loops without yield ComputerCraft/OpenComputers hacking and viruses are allowed. Have fun! Mods: ComputerCraft 1.80pr0 CC
  3. ComputerCraft does not seem to recognise the OC Relay as any form of peripheral, and so is unable to wrap to it or interface in any way. Context: I'm using ComputerCraft Turtles to swarm mine, and send information/receive commands from a ComputerCraft computer. I placed the CC computer adjacent to the OC Relay and hoped to be able to send messages between them. I wanted to create a user interface to control the turtles on the OC screens because they have a higher resolution and I just prefer OC interface. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Currently running CC[1.80pr0], C
  4. NexCore is Shinexus 2.0 Last Update: 08/01/2016 -> 00:50am (GMT 0) I am sorry I have abandoned this website, so I am back and I shall try and be more active!! Here is the current server. We have a new website!!!!! NexCore Website UPDATE NEW SERVER UPDATE: The new server is out and usable, we have only started the Survival server, but as we add more servers you will be able to access them more and more. We have ~ 90 mods and a heap ton of new server software and MOAR RAM. I would love to make a nice community so please jump on and join in! Read below for more info. please note the serv
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