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  1. Programming and technology related survival server Start with basic stone tools and a golden shovel to create GriefPrevention claims. You can connect from this IP: codersnet.pw You can install the modpack from Technic Launcher: https://www.technicp...ersnet-official Also join our Discord Server! Mods: Applied Energistics 2 AutoRegLib Baubles BetterFPS BiblioCraft ComputerCraft: Tweaked Chisel Chisel & Bits CodeChicken Lib CoFH Core CoFH World Compact Machines
  2. CodersNet IP codersnet.cf Welcome to CodersNet! A friendly PvE Survival server to play with friends for Minecraft 1.10.2! Each player can create claims to protect their houses thanks to GriefPrevention! Rules: Don't grief. Don't deface the world. Don't exploit, use hacks or cheats. Don't spam and flood. Don't overload and crash the server. Don't crash ComputerCraft threads with your dirty loops without yield ComputerCraft/OpenComputers hacking and viruses are allowed. Have fun! Mods: ComputerCraft 1.80pr0 CC
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