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  1. So yall are some crazy people... making APIs, full OSes and compilers, etc. I'm just a ComputerCraft noob who likes controlling turtles and robots to do my dirty work. When I came over from ComputerCraft I was a bit surprised at the lack of excavation programs for robots. So, starting with the default OC dig.lua program, I overhauled it to be more robust, reliable, and flexible, and to mimic what I used to use for my Turtles. There's still a lot of cool features I'd like to add but in my experience it is infinitely more reliable now. The major changes and plans are below. Because I'm
  2. For whatever reason I hadn't considered trolling through the config. I'm reading through it now, and it seems most things do have different energy costs, and that there are additional factors to consider such as the "exhaustion" modifer, sleep factor, generator efficiency, etc. Hmm... Edit: P.S. Also thanks to the devs for reminding me why digging through code is its own reward sometimes: # Determines whether robots are a pretty cool guy. Ususally cobwebs are # the bane of anything using a tool other than a sword or shears. This is # an utter pain in the part you sit on, becaus
  3. Hi All, I'm working on improving the default dig program and am trying to figure out how to calculate energy usage to handle returning the robot to a power station. This was easy with ComputerCraft because turtles effectively use exactly 1 "energy" for every move, and don't consume power otherwise. But OC robots seem to consume a variable (or at least arbitrary) amount of power per different actions, and of course use power even when idle. I haven't exactly been able to put my finger on a pattern. Can anyone tell me how I might estimate the amount of energy a robot uses over time, de
  4. Hi, I'm using OC for the first time (FTB Beyond pack, OC I'm used to ComputerCraft and was wondering if anyone has any general tips to help shift my brain to OC. More specifically, my goal is to port over as much of my CC content as possible without recreating too many wheels. I've built up a collection of CC lua scripts. I manage and edit them on my webserver and download them in game. They are primarily focused on Turtles and the CC turtle API, so ideally, I'm looking to port those scripts for use with OC Robots. For reference, I'm not a coding Guru and making a full OS i
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