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  1. 1. Typo, i got them confused by mistake but was only ever using event.pull. just listed it wrong on here 2. see 1 3. tried that, was set to the default max of 400 I restarted my client and that seemed to fix it. i have no idea why it wasn't working and maybe i never will, but thanks for the suggestion either way!
  2. So i'm working on a rudimentary network system to transmit simple packets of information between computers, ya know a basic network. I've run into the issue however, that its quite simply not working how i'm expecting it too. I've had no problem with OC in the past making several useful tools, but apparently i can't crack wireless networks So here's the current testing environment: Two computers about 5 blocks apart. one is in the lua shell with a simple =event.pull("modem_message") Port 52 is open The other is broadcasting "test" on 52 nothing is ha
  3. OH....i'm dumb....thankya. forgot that it defaults to r if no w/a is present and...without quotes..its not v.v. thanks kind stranger! ;_;
  4. So i'm working on a super simple logs library to make outputting errors/messages to a log alot simpler in a different program i'm working on. The issue is that i am completely unable to find a way to create a new file inside of code! I remember in computercraft it was simply trying to open a file that didn't exist yet, would create a new one. but for some reason, it's not doing it in this instance. my code is roughly: local fname = "output.txt" local file, err = io.open(fs.concat(shell.getWorkingDirectory(),"/logs/",fname),w)--i've tried both w and a at this poin
  5. Keyboard.isKeyDown(keyboard.keys.space) and other variants are always returning nil and i'm not sure why! here's my code keyboard = require("keyboard") while true do print(keyboard.isKeyDown(keyboard.keys.space)) end this returns nil over and over. no amount of button pressing changes the output for whatever reason any ideas why?
  6. So I'm writing a program designed to be used by everybody on the server. the problem is that i don't want random people messing with the computer. I want to lock it to only run that one program. In this case, i'm using OC to control a teleporter (by telling a robot to grab a specific item from a chest, put it in the teleporter and send a redstone signal. fairly simple stuff. either way, is there a good way to prevent interrupts from the user? either by force-restarting the computer on interrupt or just catching it all together?
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