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Found 7 results

  1. I want a program on my tablet that when activated, sends a message to a server using a linked card and the server then activates some redstone around a redstone I/O. Can anyone make that?
  2. I'm new and I can't get the computer to work. It keeps saying 9/12 components connected. How does it work?
  3. While starting with Opencomputers scripting (and learning some lua), I found out that while not much, there computers still need some power. So here came my idea to build a powercheck script (deamon) to show my power level of the computer (or network) and be ready to save my files before the computer shuts down mid editing a script. this version is only a visual aid for knowing your energy leven, executing some functions if the power is to low to continue aren't implemented. Requirements: not much, the openOS should be enough, and a valid computer with screen. script & installation: http://pastebin.com/0112kJVN after downloading this script: copy or move it to /etc/rc.d/<your chosen filename> then rc <yourchosenfilename without .lua> enable once you reboot your system you should have an indicator of the power level in the right bottom corner of the screen. hope this is usefull for someone
  4. Okay so I'd like to start by saying i do have some advanced knowledge on computers and servers, so any advice is welcome. I Have 3 computers in the overworld. One is connected to a 3d printer and hologram projector and is almost always off. Another is controlling a draconic reactor and is on 24/7. The third hasn't been used for a while and is used to control 3 bigreactors and 24 turbines. When i try to create a new computer or restart one of the existing, nothing happens for a few seconds, then the power indicator will turn on, then nothing, no startup beep or anything, just freezes at that point. My tps is above 20 and my server's resource usage is below half of what it has (7GB of RAM and 8 cpu cores) I haven't changed anything on the server so that can't be a cause of the problem, also everything was working perfectly about a week or so ago. Now here's the weird part: I have 4 other draconic reactors, each in their own ME spatial dimension to avoid boom. All 4 are controlled by a computer and they work with no problems. The issue only occurs in the overworld. I've tried making computers in numerous over dimensions and they work perfectly fine. Anyone have even the slightest idea what's going on?
  5. So i'm working on a super simple logs library to make outputting errors/messages to a log alot simpler in a different program i'm working on. The issue is that i am completely unable to find a way to create a new file inside of code! I remember in computercraft it was simply trying to open a file that didn't exist yet, would create a new one. but for some reason, it's not doing it in this instance. my code is roughly: local fname = "output.txt" local file, err = io.open(fs.concat(shell.getWorkingDirectory(),"/logs/",fname),w)--i've tried both w and a at this point i'm really not sure what i'm doing wrong! is there a specific function to create a new file? make directory only lets you create folders from what my experiences/documentation has said.
  6. Hi! I have a problem with the Creative computer case/ any other Computer case! So, what happened is any time i open the GUI for the cases, Minecraft would crash. Always, i have my crash log here: ---LOG--- Also btw i am using MultiMC http://paste.ee/p/nkfep This is getting really anoyying! I need help! Thx - JackHydra
  7. Hi! Here is key button receiver code: type, _, char, _ = computer.pullSignal() --Receiving input while true do if type = "key_up" then print(char) end end And here is problem: when I dont touch keyboard it prints 116
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