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  1. UPDATE: I almost got miniOS booting, although it just says "attempt to call a nil value" EDIT: HOLY brick IT BOOTED! I just had to cut the crap out of it, to a frightening degree actually, there's only a few files left, but at last, it booted although edit and a few things are broken, but otherwise? It's cool! and it boots instantly
  2. How am I supposed to make the romfs image that you need to flash, I spent some time trying to find through the lua code and inferring from there: Nothing So I need to know, how tf does this work? EDIT: I have observed that using a Lua 5.3 CPU can break some software, which can be fixed with a Lua 5.2 CPU, I tried both in the context EDIT AGAIN: I figured it out: mkromfs <source folder> <filename to save as>
  3. Finally got it running. How did I install it? I had to download it from GitHub and then edit the hard drive folder by copying in the OS files. It's a bit... buggy in places, for example Flarefox consistantly crashes the OS, and there are weird artifacts everywhere (although this is likely from the text display), plus minesweeper causes an out of memory error, even with way to much memory
  4. You misspelled internet as "interenet" It's rather funny, but it breaks your code
  5. The pastebin command is not functional, please fix it, right now, you have to use wget, here's the wget command wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS/master/Installer/BIOS.lua /tmp/bios.lua && flash -q /tmp/bios.lua && reboot I'll link to the MineOS github here Suggestion: Better support for tier 2 screens and fix the pastebin
  6. Looking great, gotta make some apps for it, very DOS inspired, really feels like it would fit into a DOS system
  7. Currently, the installer doesn't work and generates an empty file, along with an error message that is shown in the attached image. Maybe the installer works fine for everyone else, but at least for me, it's broken ---EDIT--- I have 256 MEGABYTES of RAM in my computer And i have the latest version of the mod I have 2x computronics magical memory with the config with a max limit to about 256 megabytes, in a creative mode case and a creative mode accelerated processing unit, with a tier 3 HDD, an internet card, a wireless card and a computronics sound card I also ha
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