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  1. Ah thanks, that explains a lot now! Ill be sure to use this
  2. This is the snippet of code i used internet = require("interenet") body = internet.open("https://www.google.com", 443) print(body)
  3. So i started messing about with the internet card, i can get onto google just fine as long as i use http with port 80. But when i try to use anything with a https and port 443 i can't get anything. I keep getting an invalid port or url address. Im pretty sure my address is right but i think my port might be wrong
  4. Issue has been resolved, it turned out i did not have enough RAM to execute the "edit" command
  5. So i've encountered a problem with OpenComputers, i try typing "edit <filename>" and I make no file and additionally I'm not even brought to a lua editor. I have no idea why this is happening and I am pretty new to the mod.
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