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  1. https://git.asie.pl/asie-minecraft/Nadeshicodec Apologies for scarce documentation, it's a bit of a project dump. It has a GUI, however. Feel free to fork and clean it up with the terms of the license in mind.
  2. There is no such thing as LuaRocks for OpenComputers. However, you can just use the Lua file directly in many cases -> https://github.com/LuaDist/dkjson/blob/master/dkjson.lua
  3. asie

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    Hmm. I have a clue. Try running "mkdir /usr/lib/lunatic86" first.
  4. asie

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    I don't know. Make sure OpenOS is properly installed and that you're not booting from a floppy disk? Also, you may want to update - OpenComputers 1.6.1 is pretty old, 1.5 years old in fact.
  5. asie

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    It appears your hard disk is read-only! Weird...
  6. asie

    Introducing "Lunatic"

    The optimization patches in OpenComputers's repository are not yet merged into mainline, but you can install lunatic86 regardless! (Just with worse performance.) $ oppm install lunatic86 $ lunatic86 -h
  7. No spoiler in the title. Just watch the video.
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