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  1. A security and bugfix release of OpenComputers, version 1.8.3, has been released for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.12.2. It should be available on major mod distribution platforms within about an hour (this post will be updated accordingly): Modrinth: Download CurseForge: Download GitHub: 1.7.10, 1.12.2 This version contains a proper fix for CVE-2023-37261: SSRF to cloud (f.e. AWS, GCP, Azure) service metadata services (IMDS) and local IPv6 addresses not blocked by default, as well as enhancements to the Internet Card's connection filtering system. As such, upgrading to this
  2. Most of the features in OC-Staging, with the exception of renderer rewrites, have been merged to OC 1.8.0+. This should no longer be used.
  3. No. It is not yet known what the post-1.12.2 future of OpenComputers will look like.
  4. Hey! I'm asie, and while I'm not an official certified OpenComputers developer, I contribute to the project from time to time. However, for a long time, I've had some types of patches in the pipeline that couldn't quite reach the upstream - fixes and changes like: a screen renderer rewrite, with major performance boosts; updates to JNLua and LuaJ, fixing bugs and significantly improving performance; Lua 5.4.0 support. For the purpose of testing these changes as a way to see if they are ready for mass adoption, I've created a fork of OpenComputers called OC-Staging. It
  5. A while back, I've quietly released an unofficial, experimental OpenComputers fork called OC-Staging, available here. The key features as of writing include: Optimized GPU rendering code, providing up to 2x better performance (in terms of frame rendering time), LuaJ and JNLua bugfixes and updates, Native Lua performance improvements, Lua 5.4 support! (currently on lua-5.4.0-beta) This is the feedback thread for this fork, as input is sought before merging the changes back into OpenComputers due to their potentially invasive nature (for bug reports, please use th
  6. https://github.com/asiekierka/opencomputers-hires-video-prototype/ Apologies for scarce documentation, it's a bit of a project dump. It has a GUI, however. Feel free to fork and clean it up with the terms of the license in mind.
  7. There is no such thing as LuaRocks for OpenComputers. However, you can just use the Lua file directly in many cases -> https://github.com/LuaDist/dkjson/blob/master/dkjson.lua
  8. Hmm. I have a clue. Try running "mkdir /usr/lib/lunatic86" first.
  9. I don't know. Make sure OpenOS is properly installed and that you're not booting from a floppy disk? Also, you may want to update - OpenComputers 1.6.1 is pretty old, 1.5 years old in fact.
  10. It appears your hard disk is read-only! Weird...
  11. The optimization patches in OpenComputers's repository are not yet merged into mainline, but you can install lunatic86 regardless! (Just with worse performance.) $ oppm install lunatic86 $ lunatic86 -h
  12. No spoiler in the title. Just watch the video. EDIT: Apparently someone's ComputerCraft fork is more findable on Google than the original OpenComputers repository, so here's the official source code: https://github.com/asiekierka/lunatic86
  13. Those of you who have followed my OpenComputers work might be aware of CTIF, my high-quality image converter for OpenComputers. However, it has always required an external converter to pre-process image files. Others may be aware of greaser's ocpng, an utility-turned-library for displaying regular PNG files without pre-processing - however, that capped out at 160x50 as it only used low-resolution characters. However, I am proud to present pngview - a .PNG viewer right in OpenComputers, based off greaser's ocpng library but capable of displaying images at up to 320x200. Unfortunately, it d
  14. No, you put the local path to a file. If it's a remote path, like HTTP, you have to download it first.
  15. I'm not focusing on APIs myself - the viewers are provided as part of the source code distribution and I'd love if someone turned them into a proper API! Anyhow, CTIF 0.2.0 is out! It improves the image rendering quality a bit (especially on "tier 2" - sadly, at the cost of performance) and makes usage of OpenComputers's higher resolutions (160*50 is only an area, not the actual maximum size).
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