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  1. A component call can do either: It depends on what the mod author implementing the method wants. They can set a component call to last the entire tick, or allow multiple executions per tick.
  2. That is possible, but has nothing to do with OC. That would require a change on the side implementing the methods, so ER in this case.
  3. Okay, here we are: I'm currently maintaing Computronics, a mod made by asie that adds ComputerCraft/OpenComputers integration to a lot of mods (15 to 20, can't remember) and adds a whole bunch of more or less interesting new blocks and items for those mods, especially OpenComputers. If you ever wanted to play your own music to other people using in-game tape drives, wanted to create your own highly secure money system using RSA codes, wanted to automate an entire Railcraft rail network using computers, this is a mod you might like. As far as I know, it's currently one of the largest OC addons out there. Regarding contributions to OpenComputers, well, I improved the pastebin program, adding the put and run commands I created the refuel program on request I created the go program for robots I created the note API for easy note/MIDI code/frequency conversion All those programs are built into OC now, but I also created the Song API which allows you to play whole songs using only the computers' beep sounds or, alternatively, the Computronics Beep Card. This API, among many, many other programs, can be found on OpenPrograms, an open place on the Internet I made where everyone may upload their OpenComputers programs to, think of it as a more organized and more permanent version of pastebin dumps, with the additional benefit of Version Control. For this place I also created OPPM, the OpenPrograms Package Manager, a nice program found on an OpenComputers loot disk which allows you to easily download and update those programs you find on OpenPrograms, but also some programs not found on there. It is designed to be as light as possible and currently fits into 17 kilobytes. Everyone may contribute to the packages it publicly provides, but it also allows local package registration. Obviously I created a few other OpenPrograms programs as well, like a very light BigReactors reactor control program. Also, I did quite a few miscellaneous fixes.This should be enough for now. Requesting special thingerâ„¢ No. (0.18, 0.95, 0.922). IGN is Vexatos (shocking, I know). Thank you very much. [/brag]
  4. Vexatos


    Sure, just give me your github username.
  5. Vexatos


    I recognize this website... It looks familiar, definitely... Anyways: There is also a repository in the organization called "MiscPrograms" (https://github.com/OpenPrograms/MiscPrograms) where anyone may post his/her programs at, just fork the repository and make a pull request. If you have multiple or larger programs you want to dump onto OpenPrograms, just ask here or on IRC and I'll happily give you the ability to create your own repositories just for you on there. Noone in the team but you will be able to edit the files in your repos directly (unless you give them access), just via Pull Request, so it's like if you had the programs in a repository on your own account, just that all programs of the community are in the same, easy-to-browse-through place, which is the main purpse of OpenPrograms: A shared place where everyone may dump their OC programs, like a more organized and centralized version of a few hundred pastebin links. Also, feel free to fork and modify other people's programs there and make pull requests if you think you can improve them, that's, of course, possible, like with all other github repos. I'd be more than happy to see more people join the OpenPrograms team. Again, for only a few small programs, use the MiscPrograms repo, if you have many programs or just want to have easy and direct modification rights, request your own repo creation permissions. If you have that, you may create as many repos as you want, maybe one for your smaller programs and, if you have a large project, dedicate an own repo to it. Sincerely, Vexatos [/wallOfText]
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