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Found 5 results

  1. I wrote a program that basically needs to read/write a file and trigger one of 9 note blocks, this file is managed externally. Because of the 9 note blocks I am running out of component space. The perfect solution to this would be to boot my program without a screen (it doesn't need a screen to function). I tried booting OpenOS without a GPU/Screen, but it seems to freeze at some point and OpenOS will not run any programs I've configured to autorun. Preferably I'd like a minimal setup, which only loads what I need and runs without a GPU/Screen, I have the following requir
  2. DistFS I needed a larger storage capability in one computer to store long-term data captured on a multiplayer server. Since I didn't want to just cheat and make it "outside" of the world, I decided that what I needed was an infinitely-expandable (although admittedly not scalable) storage medium. RAIDs seemed like a perfect approach, but I didn't want to deal with trying to manage a ton of files. My solution was to build a spanned file system that could manage my files for me across multiple RAIDs, synchronize folder structures, and induct new arrays into the spanned volume automaticall
  3. hallo i am createing a password login system (please NOTE: that this is useing my window api but is it not that that's makeing the error) when the text inside the /.pass.info is "true" the computer comes with this blue screen error (aka bios error): as you can see the bios script is trying to write a table as a error message but why? ( and please ignore the xbox message ) here is the bootup file (the file there is run when the computer startup aka: in the /boot dir): https:
  4. Hello, Is there any way to boot from a .iso file? I'm tyring to install ubuntu server on a T3 drive. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, clarence112
  5. I have a program at /usr/bin/cc.lua that I want to run after booting is complete. If possible, add an argument as well (i.e. cc v ) I tried cp /usr/bin/cc.lua /autorun.lua and nothing. Then tried adding cc /usr/bin/cc.lua os.execute("cc.lua v") -- really expected this one to work os.execute(cc.lua) os.shell(cc.lua) os.shell("cc.lua v") to a clean autorun.lua and still nothing. Grr. What is the correct way to do this?
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