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  1. That is a great suggestion and it looks like it would be a good solution. However, I am running on an Infinity Lite 1.10 server so I can't use that mod. (Sorry, I didn't include that information in the original post.) I haven't thought of another approach using just Opencomputers so I guess my little robot will just have to keep doing it's pirouettes.
  2. I have been playing with the robots and have really been enjoying it. I wrote a little program make a robot follow a wall around and around until it detects an entity then it takes a swing at the detected entity. It is pretty amusing to watch the little guy swing it's sword at a group of creepers and zombies. lol Anyway, the program is far from complete. However, before I continue down this path I would be interested in any ideas for a different approach. Right now the robot has to do a detect in every direction. Since it can only detect in front, above and below I am having it chec
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