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Found 3 results

  1. I've just ported my attempt at a Sensor mod to 1.12/1.12.1. It allows searching for and scanning nearby blocks for energy, items etc Downloads, description and examples on curse Sources on github Maybe this is useful to somebody else but me. It should also be easily extendable to support more mods. Pull requests always welcome!
  2. Hey guys! I'm pretty new to coding and especially to OpenComputers. So far, I love this mod! Is there any way to show the amount of animals (e.g. amount of cows) within a certain area? I'd like to have a screen showing something like: Cows: 10 Pigs: 13 ... I hope you can help me there. Thank you!
  3. This is the program. local component = require("component") local sensor = component.motion_sensor local sides = require("sides") local io = require("io") local term = require("term") local event = require("event") sensor.setSensitivity(0.2) local range=1 ------ Functions ----- function close() local rs1 = component.proxy("bebe4c8f-a23e-4e7a-baec-be0124a0b598") rs1.setOutput(sides.right,0) os.sleep(1) for address in component.list("redstone",true) do local rs = component.proxy(address) rs.setOutput(sides.top,15) end end function open() for address in component.list("redstone",true) do local rs = component.proxy(address) rs.setOutput(sides.top,0) end os.sleep(1) local rs1 = component.proxy("bebe4c8f-a23e-4e7a-baec-be0124a0b598") rs1.setOutput(sides.right,15) end function openMan() open() print("Closing it in 8 seconds") os.sleep(8) close() end function detect() print("Detecting...") while true do local _,_,x,y,z,name=event.pull("motion") if math.abs(x)<=tonumber(range) and math.abs(y)<=tonumber(range) and math.abs(z)<=tonumber(range) then if name == "AetherEus" then open() print("Detected:",name) print("Closing the staircase in 10 seconds") os.sleep(10) close() return false end end end end close() ---- end ---- ---- Menu ---- if component.isAvailable("motion_sensor") then repeat print("Aileen:Program Started. What do I do now?") print("1.Open the staircase.\n2.Star detection mode.\n3.Close the staircase.\n4.Close the program.") local inst=io.read("*n") if inst==1 then term.clear() print("Aileen: Opening.") openMan() os.sleep(1) detect() end if inst==2 then term.clear() print("Aileen: Starting detection mode.") detect() end if inst==4 then term.clear() print("Aileen: Closing the program.") term.clear() end if inst==3 then term.clear() print("Aileen: Closing the staircase.") close() end until inst == 4 else print("Plug in the motion sensor!!!") end return 0 It's simple it activates or deactivates a redstone machanism that opens up a path to a staircase. The two things I want to fix or add is 1. A way to manually cancel the detecting process. 2.Fix that the motion sensor takes to long to detect or I need to jump a lo to make it work.
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