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Found 5 results

  1. "FullChest" item sorting storage system This program uses a robot to sort items into simple storage system. I am using iron chests mod here. There is an input chest (golden), storage chests (iron), and an overflow chest (diamond). The robot is placed behind the input chest facing the chest and I recommend placing a charger next to it. Red blocks are always required, orange and yellow blocks are required depending on storage size (in this one, orange blocks are needed). I usually place them all to be sure. The storage chests must always be on the right from the input chest. Each storage chest must have no empty slot! If you want a chest to contain certain items, put one of these items into a slot like this: The robot then goes around in zig-zag pattern and tries to put each item into each chest. All chests have no empty slots, therefore only wanted items can be put into each chest - for all other items the chest is full. If the robot is waiting on the start, it checks the input chest for new items every 10 seconds. If an item is found it will start sorting in 1 minute (except for the first check - then it si immidiet). Program also in attachments robot = require("robot") os = require("os") computer = require("computer") totalSlots = robot.inventorySize() function dropAll(slots) for i = 1, slots, 1 do robot.select(i) robot.drop() end robot.select(1) end function suckAll() count = 0 while robot.suck() do count = count + 1 end return count end -- direction false - left -- direction true - right function next(direction) if not direction then robot.turnLeft() else robot.turnRight() end b = robot.forward() if not direction then robot.turnRight() else robot.turnLeft() end return b end while true do first = true while robot.suck() == false do print("check") first = false os.sleep(10) end robot.drop() print("Sorting is starting...") if not first then print("in 60 seconds...") os.sleep(60) end print("now!") usedSlots = suckAll() if usedSlots > totalSlots then usedSlots = totalSlots end direction = false robot.turnLeft() robot.forward() robot.forward() robot.turnRight() while true do dropAll(usedSlots) while next(direction) do dropAll(usedSlots) end print("end of row") if not robot.up() then -- last row print("end of sorting") robot.turnRight() while robot.forward() do end robot.turnLeft() dropAll(usedSlots) while robot.down() do end dropAll(totalSlots) -- just to be sure break end direction = not direction end end sorter.lua
  2. In my Sky Factory 3 world, I would like to fully automate a farm for the Pam's Harvestcraft crops and trees. The problem became how to automate harvesting the nuts/fruits (since EnderIO and similar mods just break the trees). I didn't want to line an orchard with mechanical users, so I turned to OpenComputers after noticing I can program a robot to do it for me. I've spent the past few days trying to learn how to build/program a robot, and finally managed to harvest vanilla at all (by jamming a bunch of move and use commands in one .lua ). The next step was suppose to make it react to a redstone signal (starting its harvest routine when a chest of bonemeal is full, thank you Storage Drawers). However, I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to make a robot react to a redstone signal AT ALL. Even something as simple as printing "true" when it gets one. All the tutorials/help I can find are either 1) Saying what a redstone card is at all, not how to use it, 2) Incomplete snippits of code for a computer system, (which gives me lots of errors when I try to add them into my robot. Could be my incompetence, but that's beside the point) or 3) for ComputerCraft. I only just picked up OpenComputers and Lua 2 days ago, I don't know how to translate ComputerCraft code into OpenComputers code. Any help figuring out how redstone cards work in robots would be greatly appreciated. (And of course any tips on how to make a robot sleep/wait until it gets a redstone signal, then spring into action, would fantastic.)
  3. I just started messing with OpenComputers to automate Villager trading, and I can't figure out what my problem is. I have a Tier 2 robot with 3 Inventory Upgrades and a Trading Upgrade, trying to trade 26 coal for an emerald, but it tells me I don't have inventory space. I've tried moving the coal out of the selected slot and moved the selected slot from slot 1, but no luck. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hello OpenComputerers, i need some help. I am a very beginner and I never did something with Opencomputers or Computercraft. And I need to know how to print some basic text on the screen, without being able to see the 'run name'. Im sorry for this question.
  5. Hi, I'm new and I need some help on opencomputers. Can anyone post or make a tutorial on redstone cards? Because I cant find any tutorials on redstone cards which aren't outdated
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