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Found 3 results

  1. Today i was writing a program for my Mystical Agriculture Farm. The program is supposed to steer the Robot in random directions and check the Robot's energy after each cycle. After a certain threshold (now 10%) is reached, it sends the robot to a charger. The energy check and recharging works like a charm, but as soon as i add the while-loop and the random movements, i get a "too long without yielding" error (the full error is pasted at the end of the github file). github: The Code
  2. so first time programming in lua so I'm trying to start with something simple but usefull my first pass at it http://pastebin.com/U391YknW here is a quick video of how far i have gotten thus far the video has gone wonky and i have no idea why =3=
  3. Tis I, Gangsir. I've written a gui program for managing a mob farm's redstone. This program can control lights, doors, modded mob spawners, and a killing mechanism. (Such as grinders from MFR) This is a program that I myself use in my survival world, so I figured I'd share it. ---------------------- Update v1.1: +Added all off and on buttons +Edits to gui. ---------------------- Update v1.2 -Removed all off and on buttons, deemed not necessary +Changed gui library to TankNut's, better lib with more functionality +Tweaks to gui, due to above change -Removed beeping ---------------
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