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Found 3 results

  1. A simple and compact code lock with a password that can contain digits from 1 to 9. 0 is used as the "enter" button. The length of the password can range from 1 to 255. Steps to use: 1. Arrange the modules in a comfortable configuration (lock the sides if necessary) 2. Set the constants 3. Upload the program to the execution module 4. Set the password Right-click to open the ROM interface In cell 0 set the password length Sequentially set each digit of the password Install the ROM into a casing block 5. To activate redstone, type t
  2. I have created a relativly simple code lock with tis 3d that just requires a keypad (theoretically could use a terminal instead), execution module, timer, some form of output such as the redstone module, and optionally an audio module the code is as follows: page 1 #DEFINE A 1 #DEFINE B 2 #DEFINE C 3 #DEFINE D 4 #DEFINE INP LEFT #DEFINE TIME UP #DEFINE OUT RIGHT #DEFINE SOUND DOWN MOV A ACC SUB INP JNZ B ADD 1 SWP B: MOV B ACC SUB INP JNZ C SWP ADD 1 SWP C: MOV C ACC #BWTM page 2 SUB INP JNZ D SWP ADD 1 SWP D: MOV D ACC SUB INP JNZ BEEP SWP SUB 3 JLZ BEEP MOV 0X0A50 SOUND MOV 1
  3. Molinko


    Wasn't sure where or if I can get some TIS-3D help on these forums?? I'm pretty new to actually working with binary and hex and could use some help understanding the Bundled redstone modules specification. From what I gather the high byte is the channel to write to and the low byte is the value to be written. The exception being writing 0xFF as the high byte for setting the 'active' channel and the low byte being the channel to set. So... Ill try to describe my issue. stack - exec | bRedstone (stack on the left, exec module right of stack, bun
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