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  1. I have created a relativly simple code lock with tis 3d that just requires a keypad (theoretically could use a terminal instead), execution module, timer, some form of output such as the redstone module, and optionally an audio module the code is as follows: page 1 #DEFINE A 1 #DEFINE B 2 #DEFINE C 3 #DEFINE D 4 #DEFINE INP LEFT #DEFINE TIME UP #DEFINE OUT RIGHT #DEFINE SOUND DOWN MOV A ACC SUB INP JNZ B ADD 1 SWP B: MOV B ACC SUB INP JNZ C SWP ADD 1 SWP C: MOV C ACC #BWTM page 2 SUB INP JNZ D SWP ADD 1 SWP D: MOV D ACC SUB INP JNZ BEEP SWP SUB 3 JLZ BEEP MOV 0X0A50 SOUND MOV 1
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