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  1. But I removed all the blacklisted websites/ips and my whitelist is empty
  2. PLEASE put a image/video tutorial! When my client computer access the srv folder, there is nothing and on the server computer I installed a program.
  3. Im a noob at oc . But how to whitelist this website because the is a error ("the website is blacklisted")
  4. Pigpork


    put a autorun. It did not work
  5. Sorry to necropost. But the link didn't work!(404). I thought that this is a really cool program but you abandoned it
  6. This is cool. But you should add sound and make the display faster.
  7. Pigpork


    Please put a new working link. This link doesn't work
  8. Please continue this. This OS looked cool.
  9. IMHO, this is one of the best programs on the forums.
  10. Can you make a redstone card tutorial?
  11. Hi, I'm new and I need some help on opencomputers. Can anyone post or make a tutorial on redstone cards? Because I cant find any tutorials on redstone cards which aren't outdated
  12. im new so can you tell me how to install this addon to oc?
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