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Found 7 results

  1. Kiirox

    About ButtonAPI

    Hi, i would like to know how we can do a text that when we touch it execute some code. Thanks for your help! main.lua local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local computer = require("computer") local gpu = component.gpu local term = require("term") local version = "1.0" local h, w = gpu.getResolution() API = require("buttonAPI") local function base() gpu.setBackground(0x0000cc) gpu.fill(1,1,h,1," ") gpu.set((h / 2) - 5,1,"TopiGui v"..version) gpu.setBackground(0xcccccc) gpu.fill(1,2,h,w, " ") while true do gpu.setBackground
  2. I'm trying to make a function which will for example print out the message which was broadcasted by a modem. I'm going to use event.listen, but i dont understand how to get the signal output. Can someone help me?
  3. I've made great use of this AE2 auto stock program: Yet after updating the 1.12.2 pack to the new update, which included an update to OC, the program no longer functions. It returns an error of "attempt to compare number with nil" relating to the "CheckItemsAndCraft" function. I can't figure out how the update would make the code suddenly not work, as I've just started to get into lua. If anyone can look at the code or knows what would have caused the program to break, please let me know! Here's a screenshot and a link to the original code: https://pastebin.com/P7VgsthL
  4. So, for a few days now (apparently about five days according to GitHub - it seems a lot longer), I've been trying to work on a pretty simple package container solution. The idea being just like a tar container, it is just a group of files and folders, stored in a single file. Currently, I am not working on implementing any sorts of compression, that's much too difficult and I wanna make sure the core system works first. I designed a primitive specification for the package, and created a method in a library to create the package. That I was okay with. Extracting all the information from this pa
  5. Who/Where do I ask to get an OpenPrograms Repo set up? I would like one to store my LuaFileSystem emulation for OpenOS so people can install it.
  6. The text that some programs output is way to large to fit on the screen currently I have some problems with ls (in direcotrys with a lot of stuff in it) and components Is there a way to scroll up or display it in a way where you can read everything or save the output in an file? or some diffren solution to the problem?
  7. Are microcontrollers not supposed to have access to adjacent components?? I have been truing to get the motion sensor to work with the microcontroller teirs 1 and 2 and neither seem to be up to the job? Is this intended? And if so, WHY :'( ? Also, if it is a matter of balance. Could we maybe think of adding access to adjacent components if the microcontroller was built with a component bus? Similar to the old OC versions of computers or the current OC servers.
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