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  1. I've made great use of this AE2 auto stock program: Yet after updating the 1.12.2 pack to the new update, which included an update to OC, the program no longer functions. It returns an error of "attempt to compare number with nil" relating to the "CheckItemsAndCraft" function. I can't figure out how the update would make the code suddenly not work, as I've just started to get into lua. If anyone can look at the code or knows what would have caused the program to break, please let me know! Here's a screenshot and a link to the original code: https://pastebin.com/P7VgsthL
  2. I've been managing to use this program just fine, but when I updated the 1.12.2 pack, it suddenly stopped working. I can't figure out how the small update would've messed things up, as I've tried re-running the program on other freshly build computers, but it returns the same error when I try to add anything to the list. Here's a screenshot:
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