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  1. check the setup info here https://tenyx.de/brgc/index.html#setup
  2. Compu

    Automated Hotel

    this project is now complete, i've updated the video
  3. Compu

    Automated Hotel

    yeah i've already looked into that, i was gonna use it but someone else offered to help write the GUI and they'd prefer to do so from scratch to reduce dependencies
  4. Compu

    Automated Hotel

  5. btw could libgui be used in other projects? and if so could documentation be provided? i'm looking for a library that makes it easier to create graphical interfaces
  6. this program requires opencomputers
  7. @XyFreak basically it's the difference between this and this https://youtu.be/h5pRz2dQHj4
  8. no no i'm saying the change would actually make sure the physical turbines does the spinning animation, when it's shut off it stops doing the spinning animation, it stays spinning but it just doesn't do the animation basically instead of disengaging the coil and shutting it down disengage the coil and set the maximum flow rate to 0 however the system monitoring the speed of turbines and kicking them off once they get below a certain speed instead of waiting for them to be needed before it does the kick off would be nice
  9. what if instead of shutting off the turbine for the suspend state you set the flow rate to 0, that way it still does the spinning animation but has the same effect of suspending the turbine
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