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  1. ok, i know that. But 1 - one can't property develop a robot program in another opencomputer because the apis aren't available and there is no way to test the program. 2 - why develop outside of the game if i'm there to play the game?
  2. One thing i really like about this mod is the ability to program a robot as part of the game play. But robots very a very small screen and that's almost impossible to use and edit a script. i don't realy understand wky can't robots have better screens why can't i use a better graphics card/screen t get more resolution. i do understand that robots are very simple computers. but in reality one would use a development robot with a better screen and then transfer the program o a production robot with just the components needed to operate the program (and a smaller screen) So my sug
  3. i'm setting the value to 1 maybe thats too low... from the docs: "Note that for mods such as ProjectRed, low values (such as the vanilla maximum of 15) may not function as expected for simple on/off values (opening a door for example), because they have a larger value range. You may need to use a higher value, such as 255." try this inside the function instead: component.redstone.setBundledOutput(side, n, bit32.band(bit32.rshift(value, n), 0x1) * 255); Sorry i dont have the game in this machine to test it
  4. I imagine this: 35023 corresponds to 1000 1000 1100 1111 witch must mean every bit is a signal for each color. i never used the setBundledOutput method but i imagine, from your example that there is no combination in the method parameters that accepts bitwise data to write several colors at once. If that is the case you could make something like this: function mySetBundledOutput(side, value) for n = 0, to 15 do component.redstone.setBundledOutput(side, n, bit32.band(bit32.rshift(value, n), 0x1)); end end Just wrote the function here in the forum... didn't tested it, don't ko
  5. I've started a very simple GUI library for open computers has I had some time available. only 4 controls are implemented (window, button, text and input) but i'll be working on more. the git repo is at https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/tree/master/curlib the readme.md with an example is at: https://github.com/mcCURS0R/myOcPrograms/blob/master/curlib/README.md screenshot: we code is alpha quality code and the implementation of the inputbox is not properly reviewed as some key_down events are being missed probably because of the drawtime of the control or something. if s
  6. I'm posting my personal server so anyone can join and play a bit server host: web01.t3k.pt modpack: http://web01.t3k.pt/mods4.zip mods installed: applied energistics 2, ic2, buildcraft, railcraft, redstone paste, open computers, open components, computronics, bibliocraft, microblocks, red logic. plugins installed: essentials* servermode: survival uptime: 24/7 whitelist: no white list anyone can join and play rules: mainly cooperation play, have fun... there are no rules enforced by plugins but anyone that don't respect everyone else will eventually get banned.
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