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Found 9 results

  1. Description: I have been looking for a active web browser mod for a while and the only thing I found was a 1.7.10 mod for it. I need someone to implement a browser into a computer. Function: I would like it to be a browser that can play videos, use google as the default page, and maybe be able to download chrome plugins if it's not to hard to implement. Deadline: I would appreciate it as soon as possible but only if you can. Additional Information: Simply email me at saby232323@gmail.com
  2. I wonder how to even get started into it oO Any help appreciated + maybe u guys know where to look for it ? :>
  3. I'm trying to move items from inside my robot down into a TechReborn Matter Fabricator. It seems that the Block i would like to automate needs items but can only be manually put in. How would i have an infinite loop of all items in robots inventory always be dropped down into the machine? Thank you in advance.
  4. 3D Printer Editor and Creator Creating 3D object without using codes. Like using the Hologram Editor. Viewing and editing it per layer to display the hologram created. But this 3D Editor and Creator can print the created object easier and without codes which is terrible for most of people who doesn't know how to use commands like me.
  5. MAKE IT A BETTER MOD Computers in the game Suggestions: *Only for Update [uPDATED] 1. Motherboard (NEW) - where you place RAM, CPU, CPU FAN, HDD, Expansion Cards 2. Computer Case (MODIFIED) - Power Supply Slot, Motherboard Slot 3. Multiblock type (MODIFIED) - Which you can just right click the part which is equivalent to the SLOT - LIKE HOW YOU SETUP A REAL COMPUTER CASE 4. COOLANT for COMPUTER 5. Computer not for coding but also gaming and multimedia player like Web Display 6. BUILD TYPE RATHER THAN TIER 1 - 3 BUT BASIC TIER, PROFESSIONAL TIER, HEAVY TIER *Either Addon or Upda
  6. OPENCOMPUTERS PROGRAM SUPPORT EVERY EACH OF MY IDEAS 1. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) (Motherboard Implemented) Function: Control the Motherboard, CPU, and FAN Speed 2. Operating System Description: It is a Windows or Linux Style of OS. MacOS Like OS is already produced the MineOS. For Tablet, it is good to imitate Android or iOS. For Servers, Windows Type Function: Interactive File Management, Live Time and Date (if possible), Control Panel Settings and etc. 3. GPU Control Panel (nVidia, Intel, AMD) * IF NEW UPDATE IMPLEMENTS MY IDEA* Description:
  7. hello guys. i was wondering if that works with OC i need to have the PLAYERNAME in that place instead of %p currently its like that: someone activates a redstone signal, and that URL is beeing "loaded" buuut, i want to have the nickname of that person that is clicking the button! my current code so far: (line 18) http://pastebin.com/hrmP5fYQ
  8. Digi

    Chest Manipulation

    Description: I am making a Item Storage/Banking system Function: I would like to have a 2 tier system, a Terminal and a server. The terminals only have a access point interface as well as a Chest for item storage and retrieval. The server would have a Database for each player "account" The Terminals would ask a player to login and Authenticate to server. Or Create a account (Store on server, also say if account exists and try again). once logged in. A player can do the following. Deposit items - Player places item in chest, it reads item and verifies if its Gold Ingot, or I
  9. Dear OC, This is an *example* request, it does not need to be filled, but hopefully, it helps out members wanting to request something. Description: I am making a program to make a string into all different colours including rainbow. Function: I would like a function that allows me to make a string rainbow per character and prints it. A simple function such as rainbowify(string) would be great! Deadline: I'm not too fussed, I would appreciate it as soon as possible.
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