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  1. EveryOS

    4 Choices

    c) You go back You go back to the room you started in. The bed is gone! Do you a) Sleep on the floor b) Check if a phone is in your pocket c) Run through the hallway d) Try to punch through the *room*'s wall
  2. EveryOS

    4 Choices

    Congrats on first OC post @LDD! c) Walk down hall You walk down the hall for a few minutes. It appears to a very long hallway, and you still cannot find an exit. It is probably useless to yell. Do you: a) Go back b) Attempt to lift bolts c) Continue walking d) Attempt to punch through the wall
  3. I am using a URL parser that allows for the specification of specific ports (e.g `ohtp://example:80/`). What should I do if the user chooses a port besides 80?
  4. EveryOS

    4 Choices

    This is that game where you make a story and give four choices. After that, the next person continues the story, gives more choices, whatever. Already exists on other forums, but I did not see it on this forum. I guess the mods would mod this game (wait, no, there is no guessing, only knowing) So I guess, to start You are in a room with a bed. Do you a) Sleep b) Stand c) Leave room d) Open window
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