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Everything posted by BrisingrAerowing

  1. Not possible with this library, unfortunately. Websockets are rather complicated, so a server is likely not possible.
  2. That issue is because you have your CPU set to Lua 5.2. Take the CPU out of the computer and sneak-right-click with it in your hand to change it to Lua 5.3.
  3. The service is mostly used for the routing feature, AFAICT.
  4. Quick question: Is there a system similar to OpenOSs RC system (i.e services)? I want to port Minitel to Fuchas, but it requires a service to work.
  5. Middle click works for me on FF 76.0.1 on Win10, as does Ctrl click. I would presume this was a browser bug.
  6. I've modified this to be able to remove either a specific filesystem or the last added filesystem by either passing an address or '.' (for the last added) as the first parameter to the remove command. The second parameter is the forcefully option. so 'rc bundle remove ad432df3 true' (yes, short addresses are allowed).
  7. This is rather cool. I might mess around with it later.
  8. $(MAKE) -C $subdir$ Where $subdir$ is the directory you want to build. GNU Make Recursion Docs has more info.
  9. You can have the top level makefile call the makefile in the kernel directory.
  10. lua-lockbox should work. There's also Pure Lua Crypto, which I use (it's a bit smaller).
  11. No. Use Optional in 1.12.2 and before. OC needs a major rework for 1.14+.
  12. A list of mods that aren't hosted on CF that are allowed to be used in CF packs.
  13. Are you going to put this on CurseForge? If not, could you get it added to the accepted 3rd party mods list?
  14. I really need to create some more documentation for my mods.
  15. FYI: OC 1.7.5 is out on CF, and it contains the fix for timers getting starved. @XyFreak
  16. Maybe add support for Tinkers' Construct Tanks? They can hold multiple fluids, so you'll need a mod I wrote to get them.
  17. I am using the latest build from the CI server (ci.cil.li), which has this fix.
  18. When I try to go to the OC CI Server, Firefox shows a screen stating that the certificate is only valid for cil.li.
  19. @XyFreak Not the powercell, This Mod. It has a multiblock power storage system that uses 64 bit integers.
  20. @XyFreakDid you see my suggestion for RFTools Power compat?
  21. That bug is on line 233, as it calls saveItems instead of SaveItems (note the initial letter being lowercase). Simple fix. Also: from looking at the code, I think the 'name' parameter is the registry name of the item, e.g. minecraft:torch or chisel:chisel_diamond. You can use F3+H to see those names.
  22. I don't think OC supports Buildcraft MJ at this time. You can try the Energy Converters Mod to convert from MJ to something OC supports, like Forge Energy (FE).
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