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Everything posted by BrisingrAerowing

  1. Maybe add support for Tinkers' Construct Tanks? They can hold multiple fluids, so you'll need a mod I wrote to get them.
  2. I am using the latest build from the CI server (ci.cil.li), which has this fix.
  3. When I try to go to the OC CI Server, Firefox shows a screen stating that the certificate is only valid for cil.li.
  4. @XyFreak Not the powercell, This Mod. It has a multiblock power storage system that uses 64 bit integers.
  5. @XyFreakDid you see my suggestion for RFTools Power compat?
  6. That bug is on line 233, as it calls saveItems instead of SaveItems (note the initial letter being lowercase). Simple fix. Also: from looking at the code, I think the 'name' parameter is the registry name of the item, e.g. minecraft:torch or chisel:chisel_diamond. You can use F3+H to see those names.
  7. I don't think OC supports Buildcraft MJ at this time. You can try the Energy Converters Mod to convert from MJ to something OC supports, like Forge Energy (FE).
  8. Maybe add compat for RFTools Power multiblock battery? You'll need to use a mod I wrote to get the full power level though, as it uses 64-bit integers for power storage, and the RF API only supports 32-bit integers.
  9. This is impressive. I especially like that files can span multiple filesystems. Perfect for the evil lair bunker I have planned.
  10. This looks interesting. I'm going to check it out for use in my military-style bunker base.
  11. You have to rerun the OpenOS installer after you install a new version of the mod and put the OpenOS loot disk in the disk drive. XyFreak is removing the thread library dependency (as noted above in the thread) as it didn't do what he thought.
  12. @XyFreak It's likely because RFTools Power uses a new API in McJtyLib that uses Longs for power. I'm going to write a quick and dirty driver for said API so that this can work with it. EDIT: Unfortunately OC seems to be capping returned values to the maximum value of a 32 bit integer. Although Vex said that it internally uses doubles, so it should work. Not sure why it doesn't. I'm going to try casting it to a double and see what happens. EDIT2: I GOT IT TO WORK!!! Uploading to CurseForge now!
  13. @Moobien That would be a bug in BRGC. A number passed to format is a decimal number, not an integer as expected.
  14. @Molinko That's not what he meant. He wants to install an older version of BRGC, as the pack he is on doesn't have an OC version with the thread library, and isn't likely to update OC.
  15. That's what it looks like from the code, but I may be wrong (the code is a bit convoluted and I got lost trying to trace it).
  16. The draconic power orb has a getTransferPerTick, which gives either the input or the output per tick depending on which pylon the adapter is next to. Having two adapters (and a bit of user config for which is which) would allow for what @Rhajos wants. Optional of course. If there are more than one input / output pylon, you could get the transfer of each and display the values.
  17. @XyFreak Thanks. .... We really need a thumbs up emote here.
  18. @XyFreak I noticed this as well with an 11 x 11 x 9 reactor. My Setup
  19. I looked at the cable class, and found it always get the capability from whatever it is connected to each time the method hasCapability was called. I tried caching the result but there was still the one tick delay, so it seems the issue is deeper in the code than I thought. I don't know where the actual environment capability is obtained and used, and I haven't found it anywhere yet (I haven't looked too hard, though).
  20. @XyFreak @ZeroNoRyouki I may have identified the cause of the one tick delay and am testing a possible (and hacky) fix. I'll report back with the results. UPDATE: It did not work. Back to the drawing board.
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