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  1. i just found it weird, that the "same" method on computercraft is using 64 bit integers. so i was hoping that there was a way around it with OC
  2. i am using OC with a mekanism induction matrix. but as soon as the number is higher than 2.147.483.647 - the program "halts", because the number is to big. Is there a way to allow it to have even larger numbers?? as the getEnergy() function of the matrix returns 2.147.483.647 - but nothing higher i would hate to resort to using computercraft if i can avoid it
  3. Thanks alot for these examples :) should get me going :) if i run into trouble, i will be back :D
  4. i couldnt agree more with that. OC has a ton more possibilities and is integrated with most mods. from the code above, i have added a total of 9 TE resonant energy cells. 1x Extreme reactor (only as last resort, tweaked config so it used 50x the fuel) 8x magmatic dynamo's for main power (cant be controlled with CC - so using a redstone output for this) 2x bio fuel generators (cant be controlled with CC - so using a redstone output for this) from what i've been able to gather, OC can has methods for both mods (TE and industrialforegoing) also a good reason to use OC This
  5. and im back again :( i've tried playing around with this, and as you say. It's not just plug and play. tried reading up on it, and that only confused me even more. i can get very simple scripts to run, but as soon as i try and do something that pulls info from other blocks, it just stops working. i ended up just adding in CC again, to be able to do this. Problem with OC, is that theres not much info to get, anywhere. not even here.. A better description/tutorials on some of the "advanced" stuff, would be very helpfull, and why (from what i see on servers) most people still u
  6. Hi again i actually just made this up. from what i gather, from the code snippets of the wiki - but it only shows Start End the threads are never run. i'm gonna try moving the functions out of the thread.create() as you do in your example, and see if that actually helps.. if it does, then the snippets on the wiki, might have to be changed or explained better at least EDIT: after messing about a little. your code works fine, but as soon as try manipulating the screen with the below code inside your function - nothing happens. it just finishes.
  7. Thanks.. i'll read up on that, and see if i can make heads and tales of it
  8. I like this idea.. Only "problem" i see so far, is the payment system. It would need to see what player has which fluxgate, and deposit the coins into that fluxgate. but i dont know if OC can recognize a player. And instead of doing diamond to coins, and coins to RF (i think thats what you are trying at least) Why not go directly from Diamonds to RF? or does coins only give a certain amount of time, instead of RF? If you have Thermal expansion, you could even expand on that coin idea, as it can make coins. once i figure out how to run multiple functions/
  9. Hello. i'm rather new to OC. and missing my Parallel API from CC. i'm trying to run 4 different functions at the same time, they are writing to different parts of the screen (power monitor) Is there a way to do this, and what should i read up upon. personally, i think that the OC wiki, is lacking a great deal, when it comes to examples, and in general explaning things, when youre trying to learn. it covers the absoute basic of building the computer, and thats about where the usefullness stops - for me at least. its in no way helpfull :( which i find a bit sad, as it should be
  10. Dustmuz


    havent thought of it this way. thanks a lot for the input
  11. Dustmuz


    i know this is an old thread. but its actually exactly what i'm looking for i have the following code local function timer() seconds = 0 while true do ::startover:: if reactor.getActive() == true then while true do seconds = seconds + 1 if seconds == 60 then minutes + 1 seconds = 0 end if minutes == 60 then hours + 1 minutes = 0 end center(2,"Time Running: "hours..":"..minutes
  12. Really nice program thanks a lot for this Im starting to use OC now that CC havent moved to 1.10.2 yet. this helped me get the methods from the components i need.. now i just need to learn the rest hehe
  13. i just started using OC, and i'm very used to CC and lua 5.1 but have one major problem i cant find in the wiki or here so far How do i print out a list of commands i can use on a peripheral.. in CC i would just do this local file = fs.open("config","w") file.writeLine(textutils.serialize(peripheral.getMethods())) file.close() how would i do something like this in OC?? i like to try things out myself, but so far, im pretty god damn lost on this mod.
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