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  1. No, it's not possible because: First of all, you can't upload files to a lua bios Second of all, ISO files are just disk copies, you don't boot from them. You flash them, then you boot it from the storage device. Third of all, how are you expecting a minecraft mod to support actual ISO files/actual operating systems? And last, opencomputers runs on lua. If you had a bootable operating system on a ISO, it's not gonna work on a minecraft mod. Also, the max size for OC HDD's is like 8096 kb or something, so sadly it's not possible. Cool idea tho. -TrueDuck
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a drone delivery service which works using pickup points. The drone departs at the warehouse, then it has to travel 28 THOUSAND BLOCKS to get to the spawn and from there it will either move to the next pickup point and drop off the order there or it will drop it off at the spawn and return to the warehouse. The only problem is that i need a navigation system to send the drone to chosen pickup point, and it will have to charge several times on its way. How would i do this, knowing that even the biggest map possible would not be enough to navigate from the wa
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