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TherOS, a minimal graphic (operating system/environment?)

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Have you ever wanted to have an easier experience using your computer? Is MineOS too laggy and OpenOS mayhaps a little too confusing?

Introducing TherOS, a minimal (operating system/environment?) that provides basic tools to do what you want. These tools include:

  • A graphical file manager with basic file management and creation abilities
  • A program installer (can install from pastebin or github/literally any website ig, though quite outdated)
  • A simple and easy-to-use installer
  • A terminal that can be used to run whatever

The OS currently has 2 versions, 0.2.2 (the latest beta release) and 1.0.0 or bleeding-edge (the lastest developments for the OS, though do expect bugs when using it, has more features.)

0.2.2 -- GitHub repo

1.0.0 -- Github repo


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Tavyza/TherOS/bleeding-edge/sys/app/installer.lua && installer

Please report all bugs or suggestions in the issues section of GitHub. (Yes, you can laugh at my code.)

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