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Fuchas, a powerful operating system

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One of the best OSes (as said by me)

Fuchas in a Nutshell

Fuchas is revolutionnary in that it uses drivers instead of component access and support UAC (with separate permissions!) ! It's the end of the era where the program needs to maintain integration with different components, the OS now does it! The driver library will try automatically choosing the best driver, but it can be configured by user. Meaning programs adapt to components with no effort (e.g. Computronics cards)

A feature of Fuchas is security. If you do not trust a program, you can control permissions. Each account can have its own set of permissions. Allow one to have free access on a specific drive? You can do that!. Security is useful for computers on big servers with competivity. Although remember that without disk encryption, data can be accessed simply by using another operating system. Fuchas doesn’t hide files starting with ".", it uses attributes, filesystem’s one if supported on unmanaged drives, or with a .dir file at file’s parent directory.

Fuchas is also fast at startup, around 2x faster than OpenOS down like memory usage. And graphical features are optional, so you can use command-line on your T1 computer, and a graphical interface on T3, all on the same OS! And since the UI is compatible with 40x16 and doesn't uses a lot of memory, you can use both on a T1 computer!

Extra Features

For example, the GUI interface of Fuchas (named "Concert") uses the newly added GPU buffers when available in a way that is transparent to programs and user.


Here are the interfaces included: Fushell (a command-line shell) and Concert.

For example here is Fushell (warn: old version [4 major releases ago], but still a little representative):

Fushell 0.2.0

and Concert as of Fuchas 0.7:


Install It


Just type the following:

pastebin run EbHYvEE8


Search for the application 'Fuchas Installer'. Install it, launch it, and press Install.


You’re on Fuchas :D

(Note that all comments about broken installation below are outdated, and installers has been fixed!)

Links: GitHub, Wiki, Progress to next version, And here is how to break the whole Fuchas security system

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I didn't finished the installer. However i added a  VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE, before events were handled by programs and blocking. Now events are handled by the task manager. Meaning A process can pull event while another does something else. Which is very close to multi-tasking. However this feature is buggy and some events are skipped, this should be fixed by optimizing.

Alongside this i might make a GUI soon to show the benefits of multi-tasking V.S. single-tasking (used by MineOS and tactiOS). Which would allow programs to be active (doing something without blocking GUI) rather than passive (waiting for GUI event)!

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There is progress since last post, althought small progress. For example i added liblon (an unofficial Lua Object Notation :D, just made to be easier to parse). I also started the "Concert" graphical interface, but currently it's way too limited to be worth a new post (and presentation edit), alongside it i added the shin32 library wiki page (on GitHub).

The rest of features are just installation fixes

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I‘m not 100% sure, what causes the error, but it seems the installer doesn‘t handle the http request user data properly.

You could try running the following command:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zenith391/Fuchas/master/Installers/openos.lua installer


Sadly I can‘t test this right now, but it might be worth trying.


Ok, i figured out what is causing the error. The colon (:) in function call "data = con:read(math.huge)" in line 11 must be replaced with a period (.).

So what definitely works is running

pastebin get s2YZJ0T6 installer.lua

replacing ":" with "." in line 11, and then run the installer.

But I get an unrecoverable error on restarting the computer after successful installation...

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Thanks for reporting the installation bug and the error after installation. I will search what is causing this error to happen and i will fix it. However the error only seems to appear on OC computers but not on OC emulators :/, i guess i shouldn't rely that much on emulators for compatibility..

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I figured out the error, the main problem seems to be that, somehow, xpcall seems asynchronous only in OC machines and that so it will result in the computer finishing Fuchas/NT/boot.lua instdead of continuing Fuchas execution. Resulting in a computer halt. Second problem is that i forgot to add the "shell" library on first download. But the xpcall error is strange

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All bugs (i know of) related to installations are now FIXED!

You can now freely install Fuchas without any problems. However only dual-boot work FOR NOW. Due to the lack of "edit" command, you will have to go to OpenOS to code Fuchas programs using "edit" command. I'm planning a editor for Fuchas, i'll do it when i can!

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Ok it turns out that i was dumb on the condition that checked GPU and screen. I forgotten to add a ~= nil. Anyways gotta publish changes, re-install in 15 minutes and it should be all good (this time it will be good!)


Or you can manually edit init.lua, add "== nil" at line 19 after cp.list("screen")()

And also thanks for still wanting to use the OS after all those little installation bugs i really appreciate this :)

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Nevermind, everything (relating to installation) has been fixed. And here is a computer working with Fuchas :)


I'm glad now installing Fuchas is 100% easy (you have to press 3 keys during installation)

P.S.: To have a easier dualboot, i will continue working on my (currently secret) OEFI implementation. It will allow booting other OSes instdead of just Fuchas and OpenOS (but it will be on EEPROM side, not HDD, which makes it a bit more limited). Of course we will be able to select something like "I arleady have an OEFI", "I don't have an OEFI", "I don't want an OEFI" during installation. So that people not wanting on OEFI or too lazy to install an OEFI can select their option

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