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  1. sofar i have managed to get arround this by repeatedly retrieving and storing data from commandLogger("/scoreboard players tag @e[type=" .. targetentity .. ",tag=!scanned,c=1] add scanning") _,result = commandLogger("/entitydata @e[type=" .. targetentity .. ",tag=scanning] {}") commandLogger("/scoreboard players tag @e[tag=scanning] add scanned") commandLogger("/scoreboard players tag @e[tag=scanning] remove scanning") but this is far from optimal
  2. a mod that uses entities as its marker for where it should spawn special mobs isn't working so i decided to write a script that does the spawning for it, unfortunately i need to set nbt flags for the spawned entities to tell them where the thing they were spawned from is. i have everything working but i am having problems when it comes to getting the nbt of more than one entity as here is the thngs i have found debug card unclaimed - dosn't return required text debug card claimed - works great as long as i'm OK with it stopping if i'm offline(which i'm not) command_block - only
  3. the world.getMetadata() function from the debug card seems to be giving a string like minecraft:oak_stairs[facing=east,half=bottom,shape=straight] instead of a number which is what setBlock claims to need. github of my project is at https://github.com/hpf3/open-computers-structure-scanner i am currently working on its construction componnent(though i will most likely have to make changes to its scanning too)
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