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  1. I've been working on a new server called "Freedom And Creativity" (Name subject to change). This is a creative building server set in a standard minecraft world. It features mods such as LittleTiles and OpenComputers, so whether you're a builder or a programmer you can find something to enjoy. This modpack is rather light-weight and should run on a wide range of machines. The server currently has 2.5GB of ram allocated to it, so please forgive any minor lag, in my testing it has maintained a solid 10-15 TPS while generating terrain. The player cap is currently 20, but may be raised or lowered as performance is measured. We feature a ranking system, currently consisting of 3 main ranks. As you progress through them you will gain the ability to claim more chunks using FTBUtilities. IP: Modpack Twitch Profile - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Aa1_jlnVbTlsUVTiCXSL_LUL1TZaybVw Raw mods folder - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jStLpatxC32Q9cwYU4XuFyJEWg_HFQ8e The modpack may be subject to change, to update mods to their latest versions. The mods, particularly littletiles, are still in development and are subject to frequent updates. The mod compilations were last updated 3/8/20 at 5:37 EST
  2. By calling hres.set(x, y, state) you can set a pixel at that x, y position to either be the foreground, or the background color. The x and y positions are the exact pixel location you'd like. This allows for a theoretical maximum resolution of 320 by 200. This is achieved by using the Unicode braille characters. To get the current "hres" resolution you take the screens current x resolution and multiply by 2, and you take the screens current y resolution and multiply by 4. There may be bugs, and things may behave oddly if you try to "turn off" a pixel that was not "on" in the first place. local gpu = require("component").gpu local unicode = require("unicode") hres = {} function hres.set(x, y, state) local x = math.floor(x) local y = math.floor(y) local scrx = math.ceil(x/2) local scry = math.ceil(y/4) local maxx, maxy = gpu.getResolution() if scrx > maxx or scry > maxy or scrx < 1 or scry < 1 then return end local prechar = gpu.get(scrx, scry) _, prechar = utf8.codes(prechar)(prechar) local offset = 0x2800 local offsetx = (x-((math.floor(x/2))*2)) if offsetx == 0 then offsetx = 2 end local offsety = y-(math.floor(y/4)*4) if offsetx == 1 then if offsety == 0 then brs = 7 else brs = offsety end else if offsety == 0 then brs = 8 else brs = offsety+3 end end local offsetdec = 2^(brs-1) if prechar < offset or prechar > 0x28FF then prechar = offset end if state then gpu.set(scrx, scry, unicode.char(prechar+offsetdec)) else gpu.set(scrx, scry, unicode.char(prechar-offsetdec)) end end
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