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Found 8 results

  1. OpenComputers version 1.7.5 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2 (NOTE: This will be the last version to support MC 1.11.2, future updates will continue to support 1.7.10, 1.10.2 & 1.12.2)  As always, remember to make a backup of your world. Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums. Download on Curse. New Features/Support This will be the last version for Minecraft 1.11.2. Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.10.2, and 1.12.2 will keep receiving updates. Added: Barcode reader upgrade! (AmandaCameron) An Analyzer can now be installed in a Tablet as an upgrade. Provides the barcode_reader component. When clicking on a block with a tablet containing this upgrade, the tablet_use event will contain information the Analyzer would normally reveal. This allows getting components' addresses into OC directly by clicking on blocks. Added: Config option to set max signal queue size (default 256, the same as before). Signals pushed to the computer when the queue is full are dropped. Added: Allow different HTTP request methods in internet.request (the method to use is now the fourth optional argument). Added: You can now install Angel Upgrades in drones (Minecraft 1.12 only). Added: Chargers can now charge items in nearby players' inventories. Added: Experience Upgrade now shows its level in its tooltip (Minecraft 1.12 only). Added: Extended item information to Thaumcraft Essentia Jars on Minecraft 1.12 (seebs) Added: Support for SimpleLogic bundled cables on Minecraft 1.12. (asiekierka) Added: Re-added Wireless Redstone (ChickenBones Edition) support on Minecraft 1.12. Misc: Hide bounding box wireframe on screens while not sneaking Misc: More robot names. Misc: Updated the chinese translation of the manual. (3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana) Changed: Cleaned up some wording in the config file. Changed: gpu.bind is now faster. Changed: computer.pushSignal now accepts tables of simple key-value pairs, but not nested tables. Changed: APU tiers now correspond to their CPU tiers. Changed: Putting unmanaged hard drives into a Raid now forces them into managed mode along with wiping them. Fixed: Robots being unable to use buckets. Fixed: Fluid dupe bug that I will not explain to you. Fixed: Tier 2 wireless network card not receiving wired messages. Fixed: Return value of robot.swing when the block breaks too fast. Fixed: Server racks not sending messages to mountables quickly enough. Fixed: Relays not displaying traffic accurately. Fixed: Relay message relaying issues. Fixed: itemDamageRate config option set to 0 not working. (svitoos) Fixed: Crash with hologram.copy. Fixed: Geolyzer's isSunVisible. Fixed: Crash with remote terminals. Fixed: A Robot without inventory deleting the items it drops. Fixed: too long without yielding sometimes not triggering when it should. Fixed: Crash when blowing up a computer while code is running. Fixed: Another fluid dupe bug that I will definitely not explain to you either. Stop asking. Fixed: Available architectures not always being what they should be. Fixed: Crashes in AE2 integration. Fixed: The AE2 ME Interface part not having network control. Fixed: AE2 ME cells not having all intended information on inspection. (wkalinin) Fixed: Crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled. Fixed: AE2 interface not being recognized as components when channels are disabled. Fixed: Some AE2 integration not working on 1.7.10. (wkalinin) Fixed: Another crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled. Fixed: Specific AE2 integration being very slow. Fixed: Crash with IC2 Classic. OpenOS fixes/improvements Fixed: Error related to installing OPPM. Fixed: OpenOS timers being starved during blocking pulls. Fixed: reset alias to reset the screen resolution to its maximum. Fixed: Certain TCP connections in Network loot disk Fixed: Various vt100 fixes Fixed: Now errors properly on using print with bad __string metamethods List of contributors payonel, AmandaCameron, wkalinin, LizzyTrickster, svitoos, kchanakira, seebs, asiekierka, 3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana
  2. OpenComputers 1.5.9 is out now! More integration with other mods, a couple of bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download on Curse. Added: Charger can now be used to charge battery upgrades, as well as other energy items (e.g. RF or EU powered items). Added: The experience upgrade can now consume enchanted items and XP bottles for experience. Added: Integration with IngameWikiMod (made most pages from OC's manual available in it). Added: OpenOS' shell now supports piping (e.g. cat < f1 | cat >> f2). Added: Support for BluePower's bundled redstone. Added: Support for more GregTech machines in recipe definitions. Added: Waypoint block, can be queried using navigation upgrades. Changed: Reworked logic for rendering upgrades on robots. Makes it easier for addons to render their upgrades, and makes it work in MC 1.8 again. Fixed: Drones losing their name when changing their EEPROM. Fixed: Potential client-side log spam in disassembler GUI when disassembleAllTheThings was enabled. Fixed: Robot animations continuing when game was paused. Fixed: Robot rendering potentially leaving OpenGL state in a way that leads to certain blocks to not be rendered. Fixed [MC1.8]: A few potential NPEs. Click here to view the article
  3. Mostly bugfixes since the beta. Changelog copied for convenience, because you really should read it. Really. READ THE CHANGE LOG! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download on Curse. This update contains some major changes, so be sure to read the change log. Also, due to these changes, this version may have some neat new bugs hidden in it, in particular in the way robots' and drones' inventories work and how they interact with the world. Added: eeprom.getData/setData for storing a 256-sized byte array. Changed: Microcontrollers are now fully sided, i.e. they do not pass power, network messages or component access anymore. They can select to which sides they send network messages, however, allowing use as advanced switches. Changed: Internet card now uses userdata for opened connections. The internet library didn't change and remains backwards compatible. However, if you used the internet component directly, you'll need to adjust your code. Changed: Drones can now place blocks and break blocks that can be harvested by hand. Changed: Robot movement restrictions added. They have a limited flight height when in mid-air now (default is eight for now, may add upgrades to boost it). Their movement logic after a good amount of discussion can be summarized as such: Robots may only move if the start or target position is valid. The position below a robot is always valid (if it isn't solid). Positions up to flightHeight above a solid block are valid. Any position that has an adjacent block with a solid face towards the position is valid. Changed: Methods inserting into robot/drone inventories (*.suck()) will now prefer inserting into the selected slot over merging into an existing stack. Removed: computer.getBootAddress/setBootAddress, this is replaced by eeprom.getData/setData. The new Lua BIOS will provide a temporary fallback that uses the EEPROM's new methods. IMPORTANT: you will need to recraft your Lua BIOSes, the old ones will error. IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL NOTES This version should be world-compatible with 1.4, i.e. blocks and items should be safe. Computers will stop due to computer save-state incompatibility. You will also need to re-craft your Lua BIOSes due to a low-level Lua API change (the one that causes the save-state incompatibility). There were some changes to the Java API. I don't think many mods use the parts that changed, but you may encounter issues with those until they also update. The version for MC 1.8 should be considered beta, please report any issues with it over on Github! Click here to view the article
  4. OpenComputers 1.4.4a is now available. More bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. For downloads see Curse. Fixed: IC2 is recognized as energy providing mod again (note: it still worked as long as there was another supported power providing mod present, but OC went to no-power mode if IC2 was the only such mod present). Fixed: Negative values for width/height of gpu.copy/gpu.fill doing bad things. Fixed: Forgot adding backwards compatibility to inventory_controller.getStackInSlot; sides.back now refers to the robot's own inventory again. However, please transition to using inventory_controller.getStackInInternalSlot for this. Fixed: Drones with an active leash causing leash items to be dropped when picked up (shift-rightclicked). Fixed: Leash on drones not rendering centered on drone. Fixed: Potential NPE in Waila handler. Click here to view the article
  5. OpenComputers 1.4.4 is now available. Mostly bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. For downloads see Curse. Added: Creative Drone and Microcontroller cases. Added: Preconfigured Robot, Microcontroller and Drone to creative tab (Microcontroller and Drone still need a programmed EEPROM to be put useful). Added: EEPROM cloning recipe (EEPROM + EEPROM -> 2x EEPROM with same data). If one is empty, the one with data is preferred. If both have data, the first one gets copied onto the second. Added: Waila options for toggling energy, address and component name. Added: eeprom.getSize, eeprom.getChecksum and eeprom.makeReadonly(checksum). Added: file:read("*n") implementation (thanks Soni). Changed: Coloring tooltips of devices according to their tier now. Fixed: robot.drain and robot.fill not always returning the amount transferred. Fixed: EEPROM being network visible. Fixed: EEPROM component proxy being fetched too early in flash.lua. Fixed: Inventory slot offset for tank controller upgrade. Fixed: NEI item hiding derp. Fixed: NPE in AE2 controller driver usage screen when AE2 channels are disabled. Click here to view the article
  6. OpenComputers 1.4.3 is now available. It brings drones and a tier two microcontroller, as well as some more mod integration. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. For downloads see Curse. Added: Drones, less powerful but faster entity-based robots. Added: Access Points can act as plain access points now (i.e. you can disable them bouncing wireless messages they receive; they always acted more like repeaters before). Added: Tier 2 Microcontroller, most important differentiation is that it has a T2 card slot, so it can use bundled redstone, e.g. Added: World Sensor Card, integration for Galacticraft, allows reading atmospheric information. Added: Leash Upgrade, can only used by drones for now, allows drones to drag around animals. Added: API callback to allow the color of robots' power indicator (light strip). Added: Several blocks now have customized Redstone Comparator outputs, e.g. computers depending on whether they're running or not. Added: Several blocks now implement BuildCraft's IHasWork API, meaning similarly to how Redstone Comparators are powered you can now use gates' "Has Work" state in combination with these blocks. Changed: Faster GPU draw calls. Finally got around to do some proper testing and verified the old limits were a tad too conservative. It only took me a year! Fixed: Potential crash when starting a computer on older Windows systems. Fixed: Tier 2 redstone cards not being available if only a wireless redstone mod was present (but no bundled redstone mod). Fixed: Bugs discovered in the beta. Click here to view the article
  7. OpenComputers 1.4 is now available. Even more important than usual, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Seriously. Do it. For downloads see Curse. VERY IMPORTANT You cannot downgrade to OC1.3, after loading your world in OC1.4, without losing converted blocks. To future-proof things, the way blocks are handled internally has been switched around a bit in 1.4. This means all of the old blocks have to be converted to the new format. For blocks that are in the world this happens automatically. For blocks in inventories, this also happens automatically if they are in a player's inventory. It's really not that big a deal, but I want to make sure you're aware of this, to avoid unnecessary confusion. Added: More NEI integration. When showing the usage information of an item (default is `U`, at least for me), for OC items there are now one or two new pages. One with a manual, describing the item, and one with API documentation (i.e. callbacks exposed by the component provided by the item). Added: `geolyzer.analyze` callback, allows reading more in-depth information on blocks directly adjacent to the geolyzer / robot / whatever the geolyzer is built into. Added: Database component; primarily used for AE2 export bus driver for now. Allows storing representations of item stacks to be referenced by other components. This was added to allow passing item stacks with NBT information to some callbacks without having to expose the actual NBT to scripts. Added: Password char support for `term.read` (e.g. `term.read(nil, nil, nil, "*")`). Added: Access lights to computer cases, disk drives and servers to indicate disk / floppy access. Added: Permission check when changing sign text via sign upgrade. Added: Better support for custom CPU architectures. In particular, when registered, OC's CPUs can be simply reconfigured to another architecture by shift-right-clicking them. Not that there are any released ones, yet, to my knowledge. Added: Logic to prevent putting components into devices where they could not be used anyway, e.g. redstone cards in tablets. Added: Wobbo's rc script system to OpenOS. Added: Loot disk with Magik6k's network stack. Changed: Integrated OpenComponents (interaction with other Mods). The OpenComponents addon is no longer required in OC 1.4 (on the contrary, it mustn't be present, because it uses the OC 1.3 API). Changed: Reworked power conversion. Different blocks now accept external power at different speeds. Check the tooltips! Changed: Reworked call limits. The speed with which certain operations can be performed in OC are controlled by "call limits", e.g. how many times per tick a computer may tell the graphics card to update. This is no longer per component but per computer now, and different CPUs have a different call budget - that means T3 CPUs are actually faster than T1 CPUs now. Changed: Improved and updated some third-party block drivers. Changed: The adapter now has an inventory with one slot, which can take certain upgrades such as the inventory controller, tank controller and sign upgrade. Some functionality previously provided out of the box is now only available via these upgrades when put in an adapter. Changed: Updated some mods' APIs. Changed: `robot.durability()` now returns a single number, 0 = broken, 1 = no damage. Internally this now uses handlers for specific mods' items. If you know of items from a mod that are not working as expected, let me know. Removed: MJ support. Fixed: Stuff. Probably. (Honestly, I can't remember if the recent fixes were fixes for changes introduced by 1.4, or something older...) Also, as the version bump implies, OC's API changed enough to break stuff using the OC 1.3 API. If you're a modder using the OC API and haven't updated already, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you're not a modder but know a mod uses the OC API and hasn't updated yet, please let the author know about the change. Most of the changes won't require a lot of adjustments; to make updating less frustrating, the things that have changed in the API are documented on the wiki.Click here to view the article
  8. The first beta of OpenComputers 1.4 is now available. There are relatively few gameplay changes, the main reason for the version bump is that the Java API has been cleaned up and expanded a bit, making it incompatible with the 1.3 version. This means combining OC 1.4 with other mods using the OC API will - in most cases - not work well until they update to the new API. There are no breaking changes on the Lua side. Lua programs should continue to work as they are. Even more imporant than usual, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Seriously. Do it. For downloads see Curse. Modders: if you're using the OC API, please update the the new API at your earliest convenience. For most of you the changes should be relatively painless, and mostly involve adjusting imports due to a bit of refactoring. I tried to document most (all?) of the changes in this wiki article, which also provides information on how to adjust for each individual change. Players: if you know a mod that uses the OC API, please kindly ask the mod's author to update it, thanks! You might want to want to point them to the wiki article mentioned above. It should make updating a bit easier. VERY IMPORTANT No, seriously! The future of the world depends on you reading this part. Well. Your world. Ready? To future-proof things, the way blocks are handled internally has been switched around a bit in 1.4. This means all of the old blocks have to be converted to the new format. For blocks that are in the world this happens automatically. They should keep their inventory and other state information. All you have to do is make the chunk the blocks are in load once. For blocks in inventories, this also happens automatically if they are in a player's inventory. So if you have some OC blocks in chests or an ME system or so, pick them up once, then you can put them back. Keep in mind that this means you cannot downgrade to OC1.3, after loading your world in OC1.4, without losing converted blocks. So what did change? As mentioned, the Java API for one. This has relatively few immediate effects, but will allow for some much more interesting addons in the future. OpenComponents has been discontinued; it is now a part of OC itself. A few things have also been added. Note that recently naming was fixed, so some blocks' components might appear under a different name. They always should have, but I'm afraid there was a small implementation mistake that lead to them having a generated one (e.g. AE2's controller is now properly called `me_controller` again). As for additions, MFR's safari net content is now added to item stack info (unless it's a "mystery" one), and there's now a driver for AE2's export buses. And since this kind of falls into this category: instead of the "unlocalized name", the item stack converter now properly uses an items/blocks identifier (e.g. `minecraft:dirt`) for the name field, now. Power conversion has been reworked a bit. Different blocks now accept external power at different speeds. The exact rate is listed in the tooltips. This should encourage the use of power converters, for example, and will hopefully make it a little more clear which blocks accept external energy, and which don't. Note that access points now also require energy to send wireless message, regardless of the source. So if you have a "solo" one sitting next to a CC computer, you'll now have to connect it to some power. Execution limits have been reworked a bit. Previously the number of operations computers could perform was limited per component. Now they each have a "call budget" that is shared for all components. This makes some neat implementations such as pseudo-SLI (using multiple graphics cards for faster screen updates) less feasible (sorry, it was really cool!) but has the massive advantage of being overall more... consistent. The actual call budget also depends on the CPU installed in the computer now, so better CPUs actually mean faster computers now. More NEI integration. For many blocks and items their component API is now documented in an automatically generated NEI usage page. There's also an additional usage page for many blocks and items that documents their general use and behavior. Adapters have been reworked a bit when interacting with inventories / tanks. They now no longer can access these per default. Instead, they now provide an inventory slots for upgrades. The two upgrades supported for now are the inventory controller and the tank controller upgrades, which provide the functionality that was previously built-in. Eye-candy: disk activity is now not only indicated via sound, it also triggers a disk activity "LED" on computer cases, disk drives and servers. Click here to view the article
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