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  1. Well, I guess this answers my question. Thank you so much @payonel and everyone else who helped me solve this issue.
  2. No worries @Molinko. I really appreciate you taking your time to help me with this problem. Thank you.
  3. @payonel Okay, so if I understand this correctly, there are no methods to interact with Wireless Redstone CBE directly inside OC? If not, are there any plans to add this integration? Also, I looked at "redstone.lua" inside the bin folder and found some references to Wireless Redstone, including setWirelessFrequency. I guess these methods are just there, but they don't work? Just curious.
  4. @SpaceBeeGaming A bit unrelated, at first I read that I have 12 Redston Cards in my computer. And I'm like, that's not right! I have a Redstone Card T2 in my computer. As for MC version, it's 1.12.2. And for the rest of the mods I'm running, here is a picture. I know that OC recently had an update, but I'm not updating unless I'm instructed to do so.
  5. @Molinko Well, I got stuck at command number one. How lovely. I posted a screenshot for you. Maybe you can decipher what that red mess means.
  6. @Molinko Sure, I would love to help. But keep in mind, I'm a total newbie when it comes to OpenComputers, so I have no idea how to set up the thing you asked me. You will have to help me out and post the scripts. Besides, I highly doubt that there is something wrong with OC. It's more likely that I'm just not setting things up correctly. I've tried to run some of the methods in the LUA interpreter and I couldn't get them to work. It's most likely that I can't format the command correctly. If you could post a working snippet of code that does what I want then I can test it in my game. And it's probably going to work flawlessly.
  7. @Molinko I don't have multiple cards. My computer only has the necessary components it needs to run, plus a single Redstone Card Tier 2 and a Debug Card that is required for my program. I actually made an entirely new computer so I can do some testing with the Redstone Card Tier 2, but I can't get any of the Wireless methods listed in the API to work. And I can't find a tutorial anywhere on the internet on how to set it up correctly.
  8. Thanks for the reply, @ZefTheFox. Your idea sounds neat, but It would require me to rewrite my whole program. Probably doable, but I would like to keep it as it is, as I have tested it and it works. However, your reply did make me do some digging, so I looked a bit closer at the API. The way my program is written right now, I think I can get away with using only one card. At startup the program listens for the first signal. When it receives the signal, it jumps into a loop until it receives another signal. The trouble I'm having is that I can't figure out how to use the redstone API correctly. I can't seem to access my Tier 2 card. How do you do that? Can someone post a code snippet explaining step by step how is this done?
  9. Hello everyone. First of all, since this is my first post, I would like to say a big congrats to the dev team of OpenComputers. For me it's definitely one of the most interesting mods for Minecraft and I like the idea behind it a lot. Now for my question. Over the past few days, I've been working on my first program. I never programmed in Lua, so this was quite a challenge for me. I managed to get my program working the way I want it to, but I would like to make one more improvement for it. The program is supposed to do one thing when it receives a wireless redstone signal on a certain frequency, and another thing when it receives a signal on a different frequency. The way I have it set up right now is with two Wireless Receivers from Wireless Redstone - CBE. One is connected on the left side of the computer and the other is connected on the right side of the computer. I would like to use the Redstone Card Tier 2 that sits in my computer. I want to get rid of my Wireless Receivers. As I understand, the Redstone Card Tier 2 should be able to handle wireless redstone natively, but I can't figure out how to use the API correctly. I want to learn how to use this, as I'm sure I will use it a lot in my future programs. Can someone help me by posting some code snippets I can implement? To reiterate, the computer needs to listen for a redstone signal on a certain frequency, do one thing if it receives a signal from one frequency and another thing if it receives a signal from another frequency. Thank you.
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