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  1. thank you for your help in replacing the APU with CPU and graphics card. The error was fixed using the GUI. I found the error, all OpenComputer versions after OpenComputers-MC1.12.2-1.7.7 do not work this version. I hope I was able to help others too lg
  2. Hello, I'm playing version 1.12.2 Ftb Revelutiion 3.6.0 I saw in the forum that it worked for others. Did everything exactly as described. But unfortunately the gui is much too big, no matter what screen size I use. and the reactor doesn't start. I put fuel in and started it. Can anyone help me? LG https://postimg.cc/Th5b4Sds Das Gui ist viel zu groß
  3. ok I will test it many times thank you for your help
  4. That's right she is running in grid mode. My power storage is at 53%, the turbine would then not load the memory. EDIT:The internal memory of the turbine is empty
  5. Hello I do not understand where the problem lies, the turbine supsended always. What exactly does that supended mean? Can anyone help me? LG
  6. Hello XyFreak, First of all, this program is great, thank you for having worked so much with it. Unfortunately I have a problem with their program in the singelplayer it works perfectly .. but on our server it calibrates the passive reactor just not. Normally it takes a little bit but is finished in a few seconds. and at the controll rods, he also changes nothing he goes directly to 100% and that's it. I do not understand it unfortunately in the singelplayer it runs. Hope you can help me LG What I've noticed is that if I have a controll rod I can do it if I have more, at brgcctrl s
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