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Draconic Control - Get everything out of your draconic reactor

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Hi guys,


Draconic Control will be the first program I'll be releasing (more to come).

The important stuff first: By now there are quite a few programs out there to control draconic reactors. However most of these don't even get close to about 1 MR/t. With this program 1.9 MRF/t (on average) is very well possible.

Of course if you're not interested in RF/t but only total RF generated, this program is for you as well.

Also, this one has a nice gui.


Go check it out here: https://tenyx.de/draconic_control/


Yes, it comes with yet another (unreleased) GUI library *cough*.

And yes it uses some kind of self built installer *doublecough*.


This program has a CC and OC version. If you want to skip to the OC setup instructions, click here: https://tenyx.de/draconic_control/#setup_oc


I'm open for suggestions and so forth.



This is the first of quite a few things I'm about to release so stay tuned if you like this one ;)

You can follow me on twitter @XyFreak1 to stay up-to-date - I promise I won't spam your tweetdeck or something - mostly release related stuff :P


Have Fun

- XyFreak



DO NOT USE THIS WITH OC 1.7.4! Timers are broken in that versions OpenOS and upgrading to this version will cause big holes in your world sooner or later!

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Hello :) i have a little problem with this i just can't get it to work it always say unknown status on the screen the setup should be right i inserted the right adresses for each adapter 


Hi there.


"UNKNOWN" means the controller has not yet/wasn't able to query the reactor info.

Can you please run a "draconic_control runOnce" and see if it throws an error?




Edit: Can you also post your configuration? Just for reference.

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Ok I updated my Draconic Evolution and it turns out they changed some of their API. I've adjusted the controller.

You can update to the latest version (1.3) by simply running the insaller again.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention - I propably wouldn't have noticed that for a bit ;)



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Haha yeah the 1.9 MRF/t avg settings ARE scary.

"Burn mode" is not the final stage but more like the initial stage where it burns through a lot of fuel to get more RF/t earlier.


The reactor generates more and more energy, there more fuel it has converted to chaos. That's why you get higher average output at the cost of efficiency.

You can set "burnRFt" to 0 to disable that. That'll also make things less scary :P.

If you're using my settings It'll stay in burn mode until the reactor generates 2M RF/t (a few hours).



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wanna ask if this programm has the cabability to ran on a server.


Q: What this mean?

A: Installing it on a Server with or without using a RAID-System.


The Server should be able to monitor through all connected DR's over internal wireless lan.

Also, if it's possible, it should be able to query more then one Monitor to display each reactor state.


On the Reactor's side you should only need a T1/T2 Computer which collects the needed data and send it to

the main server.


However, I don't know if there can be delays or some interruption if it's not only used on the overworld (like setting the

reactor up in the Last Milenium so it can be blowing up if it wanna do this xP).


At last I want to know how do u handle the fuel thing ... did you only shout down the reactor and pinging the user with a msg

like "Reactor is out of fuel, pls refill!" or can this be easily done over AE2's ME-System? Also is it normal, if you just refilled the

Core with new fuel, that it has to reheat from zero? I thought/assumed that the Reactor is saving his last state safely ...


Otherwise I wanna try this out on my SP befor I am using it on MP - Wont get any big hole on the server xD.

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Hey Chaoschaot234,




unfortunately, the delay caused by the OC networking "stack" would make the controller pretty unreliable. Having a central controller for multiple reactors via wireless lan is not going to happen.

HOWEVER: If you don't want a graphical interface, you can run the controller on a T2 computer without any trouble (maybe T1 - I have to test that).

You can also setup a single computer/server to controll all reactors locally.

The GUI being able to display the state of all reactors is definitely on my long-term TODO-list.


If you want, I can implement networking support by having the controller run locally and having it send the reactor state(s) to a remote computer, which handles the GUI. I won't be able to do so until the end of next week though.




Refuling the reactor can NOT be automated. The reactor gets shut down and that's pretty much it. The controller itself does not notify the user but it's pretty easy to implement that as a third party program. If required, I'll provide an example program doing just that.


When refuling the reactor, you have to reheat it. When offline, it looses its heat pretty quickly. You can try refuling it directly after it shut down but I don't know whether that affects the core heat or not. You can not blow up the reactor when refuling/charging it other than breaking some of the reactors components after the core heat reached 2000°C. Breaking the reactor <2000°C is safe (assuming its offline).

(Note: I have had some issues with the reactor NOT storing its core heat properly when unloading the reactor cores chunk. Your issue might be related. This issue DOES occur on server restarts as well.)




Another thing regarding the explosion: The explosion is very wide - but not very deep. Building the reactor above your base at max world height is a safe way to run it in the overworld (or...well....to avoid holes).





Also the explosion can be stopped by unloading the chunk, the center of the explosion is located at. A very nice way of "securing" the reactor is placing your chunkloader very close to the reactor core. Once it gets destroyed, the explosion will be unloaded and it'll stop.

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I do everything like this , but , the produce of power just reduce '-'


Please keep an eye on the internal power storage on the reactor. Does it decrease below ~10%? If so, you're running into a failsafe and your reactor might not be setup correctly.

To make sure the controller is running correctly, please run "draconic_control runOnce" and see if it displays an error.

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Hello i have been racking my brain for a week trying to figure out how exactly you start it up, you do not mention how to power the reactor. Does it power itself? Thanks in advance




the reactor powers itself but you have to jumpstart it.

You do that by supplying power to the "power injector" and having the reactor in "charging" mode. You can do so by pressing the power on button in the reactor gui.



Sorry for some reason I didn't get a notification when you replied. I will update my test system this weekend to see if draconic evolution has been updated and broke the API (again). If that's not the case then maybe you switched something around?



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Ok, I'll need some info then:

 * What version of Draconic Evolution are you running?

 * Do you use any kind of non-default settings for Draconic Evolution?

 * Did it happen immediately or did it happen towards the end of the reactors runtime?

 * Do you run the program on a server with larger tickrate lagspikes?





I just checked the code and it should work fine with the current DE versions. Time for me to do some actual tests on newer releases I guess?

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19 minutes ago, XyFreak said:

They're not and yes I forgot to change the guide for 1.7. That's fixed.

However, your reactor address is wrong or OC can't access it (you should double check that).

Anyways It seems i forgot a null check there. Thanks for noticing ;)

Well everything is working fine and the reactor is charged, however, the program isn't taking over and in the GUI i get a red flashing CONNECTION FAILURE, however, the ID in the config is correct.

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