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  1. Hey @XyFreak, what was the highest output from this reactor you have reached? My main problem is that my setups eating up RF like sweet chickens taste (hughe production lines) and this ends up in needing millions of RF. Any way to get arround +250 million RF out of this reactor? I think that such values should be possible regarding to how dangerous it is. Cheers, Chaoschaot234
  2. Is there a current valid link to the library? The latest link isn't available anymore
  3. Uhm, wasn't there a change for the reactor so that newer version of your script are incompatible with 1.7.10? And how can I update my current version? Installed is the 1.7.10 version. Any update script available or is it safe to re-run the dc_installer again?
  4. Hmmm, since I am the server owner and my mate has no probles with it, I can test the current version of your script in 1.7.10 and will see, if I can create a void in the void or if the reactor will still be there Give me one or two days and I'll share my experiences and what I have used in the config
  5. I use Cryo-Ducts (unlimited transfer) and Tesseracts (see picture). On the end another Tesseract is directly connected to the Energy Pylon to get/receive the energy (one Tesseract for sending energy into the storage ball and one to drain from it and only for the reactor) Master Question here: How can I get a breeder in 1.7.10 if smth. is going wrong?
  6. @XyFreak I tried out the berreder config but it seems to be wrong (ignore the autostart value): I tested it before with you simulator: But this is, what the reactor in 1.7.10 is doing with it so I assume that there is smth. wrong. Because I started the reactor already 12 1/2 hours ago - Test with 1.12.2 will follow on the weekend
  7. Hey @XyFreak, did you updated the script so that I can monitor the reactor over the wireless network card while the main computer is still at the reactors place to be not affected by the delay? And if so, only for the latest version or also for the 1.7.10 version (playing both version currently)? Edit 1: Also, what does the dc_gui do while maintaining multiple reactors? Or is there another variable to assaign the monitors address or how is this resolved? Edit 2: Would it be fine, if you would add "autostart=true" also to the 1.7.10 script pls? I forgetting it every time, that it
  8. Ok, I must compleatly do a hard reset and I'll definitly change the line 252, if this comes live again. TO bad that getting back te flux gate control isn't possible EDIT: Indeed smth has broken the controll over the flux gates Edit 2: Can you tell me, where the mainscript is stored @XyFreak ? Edit 3: Ok, from the Discord chat it seems that the flux gate does not save the OC data correctly. This is like hell -.-
  9. Ok, waht ever caused the address problem but when it is caused your script is no longer useable as long as you did not do a clean shutdown and clean startup from the reactor. I think smth. that a sanity check should be implemented.
  10. In SP it changed definitly, now I am going to see if it changed in MP to and if so, I hope to get a bugfix for 1.7.10 from the OC team, since with your default settings the reactor runs at 20% field level and I have not many time to fastly feed energy in the FF to make it stable, to then disconnect the output cable ... otherwise booom! ok - it is impossible to fix it directly on the server which means that the address of the device was changed like I have noticed in SP which is not good - when I fixed this and saved the reactor, I'll do a restart again from the server to see what will hap
  11. No, the problem seems to be, that after the server restarts, that the Addresses from all devices are changed. I am glad to have backups because the GUI was totally froozen. After reboot and restarting the GUI, while I have deactivated the reactor and connected the cryo flux ducts directly to the field injector, I checked over what the addresses are and the address from the reactor chaged and this after a server reboot? I am a bit confused about this and maybe I should ask a bit arround on the OC discord and I should checkout if this change happends only beause I've lookd in SP for the b
  12. This is true, since on a server reboot all threads are stopped/freezed and after reboot is compleated it should continue with normal operation. And if you have enabled the autstart over "rc draconic_control enable" it is definitly started on every computer reboot. I am not sure if smth. can be done about this because it looks like a problem on OCs side self, which I try to figure out now.
  13. @XyFreak - After Server restart the Reactor was gone so it seems that smth. goes horrible wrong either with the OC Computer or with the script itself. Main control service was definitly included to run at restart.
  14. @XyFreak Could it be possible for Version 1.3+ to remove the redraw for the gui? On the current FTB 1.7.10 server the part with all those values (energy I/O rate, fuel conversion, ...) is blinking which means/seems to be redrawn. Would be nice to have a static ones where only the values are getting redrawn. Also the GUI can not be inserted to start with the computer, can this added please to? Then I don't know how to monitor multiple reactors, can you post an example config for it please? And last thing is that on https://tenyx.de/draconic_control/1.7.10/advanced.html#pre
  15. Hey together, I have a few questions but before I am going to ask them I won't get a compleat written down script. The only goal is to understand how things are working or how some pice of code. What I currently want is to create a multipaged programm to control my entire base (this should later includ the bases on other plantes (GalacticCraft)). This means for me including: the AE2/LP crafting (here I should mention that OpenPeripherals is installed, also OCLights 2 but OpenComputers is not installed), creating a map from my base with showing the current playerposition (
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