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  1. Ah okay that makes sense, so no easy workaround right now I assume?
  2. Ah okay, I'm not sure why it's mostly using 1 of the multiple reactors but i'll see what happens once it's fixed
  3. Okay so slightly weird issue. Running 1.7.10. I've got 3 reactors and a capacitor bank connected to the pc. My friend on the same server has 4 reactors and 2 capacitor banks. Every time we leave them running over night, we come back to empty capacitor banks, one empty reactor and 2/3 that are full of fuel and aren't doing anything. All the reactors are in grid mode and the program says it is increasing charge.
  4. Nice thanks. Also, when does the program auto start charging, I'm guessing below 50%?
  5. Quick question, can multiple capacitor banks be connected to the computer with different adaptors?
  6. This normally happens when the file thats trying to be run is empty, happened to me a couple of times earlier with a different program as the files weren't downloading from pastebin. Try redownloading the installer as @XyFreak said.
  7. Ahh was the memory. Needs more than tier 2. Thanks!
  8. Soooo Hi again, it's been a while xD. Having a bit of trouble with the latest version on 1.7.10. I have set up a reactor with a computer controlling it just fine, my friends are trying to do the same on the same server and it's failing to download br_grid_control @ 50% however it works fine in single player. Any idea what would cause this? Is it one controller per server?
  9. Simultaneous? I beat you by at least a few seconds xD
  10. You can do either of the following: cd /etc/ edit draconic_control.cfg OR edit /etc/draconic_control.cfg
  11. Okay so I'd like to start by saying i do have some advanced knowledge on computers and servers, so any advice is welcome. I Have 3 computers in the overworld. One is connected to a 3d printer and hologram projector and is almost always off. Another is controlling a draconic reactor and is on 24/7. The third hasn't been used for a while and is used to control 3 bigreactors and 24 turbines. When i try to create a new computer or restart one of the existing, nothing happens for a few seconds, then the power indicator will turn on, then nothing, no startup beep or anything, just f
  12. A really long cable will work just fine, i thought you meant wireless.
  13. Not without changing the code, you're best bet is to have a manual override with a redstone control so you can turn it on if the shield gets too low.
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