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  1. Thanks for the offer, I think I've got it working properly now (see my edit on the bottom of the OP). If it ends up being an issue again I may call for help
  2. Just a heads up, this is going to be a bit of a long post with a bit of technical information mixed in. Forum access over the past few days You may have tried to access the forums over the last few days (13th - 15th of January, 2020) and been met with a message that read something like "Forums are currently offline due to database corruption". Whilst the forums are now back up again, the database corruption is still here. I'll get into the specifics in a bit but first a bit of context: Context: Over the period of the last month, I have been migrating to a new (and cheaper) dedicated server. The forums' files were moved over last weekend but they've been pointing at my database cluster for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, what wasn't apparent to me at the time (and I only realised it yesterday), is that the OC Forums' Database has a mix of InnoDB tables (good, they can replicate) and MyISAM tables (bad, they don't replicate). This has resulted in the database servers printing to their respective consoles, that various tables within the Forum's database are marked as crashed and should be repaired. After a while (or a few requests to the same table, I'm not entirely sure what causes it), it also causes the node that was being accessed to completely crash out, resulting in cutting off anything else that also happened to be using that node at the time. I've limited the forums to one node so the impact is lessened, but it still takes some time when Systemd restarts the downed node and gets it re-synced with the surviving node. I've also tried repairing the tables using various mysqlcheck commands, which didn't succeed. I found an option in the config to use "InnoDB" as the table storage method, but any combination of activating that and converting the MyISAM tables to InnoDB ones just ends up in either more crashes or stuff not even loading at all. Nothing I have tried is getting it back to how it was before all my migrations started a month ago. I do have some backups, but they're either from over a month ago, or already contain the corruption. Going forward, there'll be daily snapshots of the database nodes, but that doesn't help fix things retroactively sadly. What's the TL;DR? As it stands right now, the databases are corrupted and the frequency of the crashes is only going to get worse. One of the tasks that is currently "stuck" (and trying to manually run kills the database) is the cache clearing process. The table it accesses is a MyISAM-backed one. With no way to convert the tables or fix the corruption and the only way to "back up" the data of the forum is to take a snapshot of the (corrupted) database, there isn't a lot of options to be able to do a backup-wipe-and-reload whilst keeping all the data. Future plans and fixes To those of you who have been giving some domains towards the license costs, Thank you! They are a good help. The amount on the sidebar is currently a little off because trying to update the value end up killing the Database node, which is what alerted me to this issue in the first place (it doesn't auto-update annoyingly). So what's the plan? Right now? I honestly don't know. I'm contemplating switching to a different forum software, preferably something free/open source. But moving all the topics, discussions and userdata over is going to be a pain, even more so when the database is in a fragile state. I was looking into seeing if I could get the Wayback Machine to snapshot the entirety of the forums, but their site for snap-shotting everything confused me. (If you know more about this, please @Lizzian me on either the Discord guild or IRC). AFAIK the Wayback Machine allows you to snapshot single pages, so if you want to snapshot random pages/threads, please do. I'll be leaving this topic open for replies (if permissions allow you to reply, I don't know if you can and the database might die again if I try to look), so if you have any questions either reply to this thread or poke me on IRC/Discord. In writing all of the above, the database node that the forums is pointing to has died a total of 5 times so far and even made the container that the node was running in crash. Edit as of 24th of January: I think I have possibly fixed some of the issues? The cache table (which was at a whopping 18GB or so when I was trying to fiddle with stuff last week) has now been manually cleared out. Had to do that 2k rows at a time or the mysql client and server got killed for exceeding the container's allocated RAM amount. The tasks are now running smoothly and so far (it's only been 10 minutes since i did it) there have been no errors in the console! Update as-of 24th of February: Okay, I thought the data was stable but it turns out that it's not. Some posts got lost randomly and I have no idea why. I will be looking into proper solutions now rather than the just-hope-it-fixes-itself approach. I aim to carry over all the topic data I can (posts and such), though user profiles and rankings might not make it. If you want to ask me any questions, poke me on IRC or Discord (preferably in the #oc chat rooms so i don't end up constantly repeating myself for everyone) I've just re-read some of the options with regards to the scheduled tasks that run. From what I can tell, there wasn't enough logged-in users browsing the forums so the "cache" tables ended up filling faster than the cleaning tasks could clear them out. eventually resulting in a table that was too large for the DB nodes to load into memory and then getting killed by the kernel for exceeding their allocated RAM amount. I've now got a cron job set up to run every minute that does the tasks (instead of it being when a logged-in user visits) so I will see how that goes. If it still doesn't fix things then I'll just give up on trying to keep this software going and instead look for another solution.
  3. OpenComputers version 1.7.5 has been released for MC Versions 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2 (NOTE: This will be the last version to support MC 1.11.2, future updates will continue to support 1.7.10, 1.10.2 & 1.12.2)  As always, remember to make a backup of your world. Got an issue? Post it on the GitHub Issue Tracker or the support section of the forums. Download on Curse. New Features/Support This will be the last version for Minecraft 1.11.2. Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.10.2, and 1.12.2 will keep receiving updates. Added: Barcode reader upgrade! (AmandaCameron) An Analyzer can now be installed in a Tablet as an upgrade. Provides the barcode_reader component. When clicking on a block with a tablet containing this upgrade, the tablet_use event will contain information the Analyzer would normally reveal. This allows getting components' addresses into OC directly by clicking on blocks. Added: Config option to set max signal queue size (default 256, the same as before). Signals pushed to the computer when the queue is full are dropped. Added: Allow different HTTP request methods in internet.request (the method to use is now the fourth optional argument). Added: You can now install Angel Upgrades in drones (Minecraft 1.12 only). Added: Chargers can now charge items in nearby players' inventories. Added: Experience Upgrade now shows its level in its tooltip (Minecraft 1.12 only). Added: Extended item information to Thaumcraft Essentia Jars on Minecraft 1.12 (seebs) Added: Support for SimpleLogic bundled cables on Minecraft 1.12. (asiekierka) Added: Re-added Wireless Redstone (ChickenBones Edition) support on Minecraft 1.12. Misc: Hide bounding box wireframe on screens while not sneaking Misc: More robot names. Misc: Updated the chinese translation of the manual. (3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana) Changed: Cleaned up some wording in the config file. Changed: gpu.bind is now faster. Changed: computer.pushSignal now accepts tables of simple key-value pairs, but not nested tables. Changed: APU tiers now correspond to their CPU tiers. Changed: Putting unmanaged hard drives into a Raid now forces them into managed mode along with wiping them. Fixed: Robots being unable to use buckets. Fixed: Fluid dupe bug that I will not explain to you. Fixed: Tier 2 wireless network card not receiving wired messages. Fixed: Return value of robot.swing when the block breaks too fast. Fixed: Server racks not sending messages to mountables quickly enough. Fixed: Relays not displaying traffic accurately. Fixed: Relay message relaying issues. Fixed: itemDamageRate config option set to 0 not working. (svitoos) Fixed: Crash with hologram.copy. Fixed: Geolyzer's isSunVisible. Fixed: Crash with remote terminals. Fixed: A Robot without inventory deleting the items it drops. Fixed: too long without yielding sometimes not triggering when it should. Fixed: Crash when blowing up a computer while code is running. Fixed: Another fluid dupe bug that I will definitely not explain to you either. Stop asking. Fixed: Available architectures not always being what they should be. Fixed: Crashes in AE2 integration. Fixed: The AE2 ME Interface part not having network control. Fixed: AE2 ME cells not having all intended information on inspection. (wkalinin) Fixed: Crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled. Fixed: AE2 interface not being recognized as components when channels are disabled. Fixed: Some AE2 integration not working on 1.7.10. (wkalinin) Fixed: Another crash with AE2 when power usage is disabled. Fixed: Specific AE2 integration being very slow. Fixed: Crash with IC2 Classic. OpenOS fixes/improvements Fixed: Error related to installing OPPM. Fixed: OpenOS timers being starved during blocking pulls. Fixed: reset alias to reset the screen resolution to its maximum. Fixed: Certain TCP connections in Network loot disk Fixed: Various vt100 fixes Fixed: Now errors properly on using print with bad __string metamethods List of contributors payonel, AmandaCameron, wkalinin, LizzyTrickster, svitoos, kchanakira, seebs, asiekierka, 3TUSK, ZeroAurora, JackyWangMislantiaJnirvana
  4. Did you install openos to a hdd and then boot into that before you tried installing Lunatic?
  5. I've removed the link in the OP as it directs to a generally non-standard site. @AtomicScience please use Paste/Hastebin or GitHub for sharing code as they are easier to see the code and no possibility of a virus or something being included
  6. Lizzian

    Font fixing

    What screen resolution do you have? Have you also tried with a lower OC-screen resolution? The characters get squashed when the OC-screen size is bigger than the physical monitor of your pc/laptop can handle
  7. It will be ported when it can. Right now I don't think many other mods are supporting 1.13 and i believe something is changing again in 1.14 which would make updating to 1.13 a pain because it'd have to be re-done. Check the issue tracker on GitHub, there's probably a ticket there for 1.13/1.14 support
  8. Should be fixed now, thanks for reporting it to us
  9. I've poked @Sangar on discord but i'm also gonna poke him here too (I'm not sure if the forums emails when people get pinged...) Hopefully it's just a case of adjusting the cert request.
  10. Looking at your second screenshot, the last command you tried did invoke OPPM but it couldn't find the package. It's unclear from the screenshot, but it looks like you've specified "gen2halo" as the package name. That doesn't exist and I'm guessing you'll want "gen2holo".
  11. I've approved/unhidden this post and also added a message to clarify that it's being run by you, HydroNitrogen, and not the OC Staff team
  12. Lizzian

    #OC Channel Rules

    Rules updated
  13. Waitt a minute, i'm not Sangar... OpenComputers 1.6.0 is out for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2 The long awaited 1.6.0 update is here! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download on Curse. Changes: Added: Rack mountable floppy disk drive. Added: Ability to interact with some item inventories using the inventory controller. Added: Support for RotaryCraft power (uses same conversion ratio as AE2). Added: Possiblity to define a viewport on GPUs, allowing to copy data from off-screen for performance trickery. Added: Cables will now remember which color they have and can also be dyed by being crafted with a dye. Added: Reenabled IC2 integration on 1.8.9. Added: Possibility to cycle through loot disks by crafting them with a wrench (wrench is not consumed). Added: Device info API. Devices may now provide generic information, queryable via computer.getDeviceInfo(). Added: More helpful messages when trying to run a missing program (when possible) via the new computer.getProgramLocations() API. Added: Trading upgrade, allows trading with villagers (Inari-Whitebear). Added: Allow defining custom HTTP request headers (invliD). Added: debug.playSoundAt (gamax92). Added: Parameter to specify AE2 CPU to use when requesting crafting (habnabit). Added: ThaumicEnergistics integration (DrummerMC). Added: Dyeing of hover boots to change light color (Vexatos). Added: Network activity indicator on servers (magik6k). Added: Brazilian Portuguese translation (hws689). Changed: Racks have been revamped. They can now house other things than servers and how things get connected is a lot more flexible now. Changed: Remote terminals are now bound to remote terminal servers which are a new type of rack mountable. Changed: Disk drives now also provide a component allowing to check for floppy presence and ejecting floppies. Changed: Geolyzer scan area can now be customized to be an arbitrary cube instead of only columns. Total volume must not exceed column volume, though. Changed: A couple of recipes. Introduced diamond shards/chips to avoid the massive diamond cost ramping of higher tier items. Changed: New font for screens, unscii, sporting much better readability (asie). If you absolutely detest it even after giving it a fair chance, you can restore the old unifont one using a resource pack. Changed: OpenOS got a major overhaul, in particular term related things, and also a few new built-in programs (payonel). This would deserve a changelog of its own, really... Fixed: Pseudo-hangs when crafting a massive amount of a recipe that produces the same output as it has as input. Fixed: A few GregTech recipes and related issues. Fixed: Userdata handling in LuaJ. Fixed: Power conversion for a couple of mods, oops. Fixed: Performance issues caused by compressing data sent to clients too much. Fixed: Performance issues caused by disk I/O when sending machine descriptor packets to clients (thanks to Player for pointing those two out to me; we need more BTMs). Fixed: Updated LuaJ and fixed a few more bugs in it (gamax92). Fixed: Mystcraft integration (ItsTheKais). Fixed: Updated BC wrench integration. Fixed: Robots being able to suck up certain flowing fluid blocks (effectively a liquid dupe bug). Fixed: Generator eating container items if they weren't taken out in time. Fixed: Disassembling tablets not dropping upgrade containers installed in them. Fixed: Some broken saving logic in 1.8+ due to subtle lifecycle callback order changes. Fixed: Fixed MCUs passing out messages other than network messages. [API] Added: Added sided version of block drivers, deprecated non-sided one. [API] Added: Processors/Memory may now define a provided call budget. [API] Changed: Geolyzer related events due to custom scan area. Click here to view the article
  14. Negi is correct, made a sticky topic which i'll make proper later
  15. For now I will quote Negi, I'll write something proper here later
  16. Hello These forums will be down for up to an hour starting 1200 hours on Monday the 7th of December. I will also be putting the forums in read only mode up to an hour before they go offline. The reason for this down time is because I need to apply some updates to the server hosting this forum. If you would like to be notified about any changes whilst the forums are down please join the IRC channel #oc on EsperNet. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. ~Liz Click here to view the article
  17. When posting please provide at least the following information: How to get the pack (be it a link to download it or ways of getting it from a public launcher such as Technic or FTB) IP address of the server Mod list (all mods) Failure to comply will result in your thread being locked/deleted. Ads for "minecraft server listing sites", minecraft server hosting, etc are not allowed. Your post must be for a server you either run or help run.
  18. Locking and sticking for reference
  19. Subject to change. Last edited on the 22nd of August, 2014 1. Be clear and concise as possible. -> Make your request clear. Provide what the function of the program must be and how it operates -> Eg. Simple redstone switch. Works by clicking a button nearby also connected by redstone or clicking an area on a screen 2. Use reasonable deadlines with reservations. -> Make sure that if you place a deadline it is fair and place a reserve (second) deadline. Not all of us are super computers dedicated to creating your programs, sorry. 3. Do not expect perfectness. -> As long as the program made meets the description you provided, do not complain. 4. Expect your program to be rejected. -> If the idea is too similar to an already existing program or it doesn't seem like a good idea the idea might be rejected. -> Read the message that is left with the rejected message to see what you could/need to improve in the next request you make.
  20. Lizzian

    #OC Channel Rules

    1. No unauthorised bots, we have enough as is. Currently allowed bots are; EnderBot2, ^v, ocdoc, Kibibyte, MichiBot and Corded (and maybe more). - Unauthorised bots will be kicked on join, if the bot continues to rejoin then the IP will fall under the penalties of Rule 3 - Note, if you have "bot" in your nick and you are not a bot (for example, if your nick is BotheredNoob) please contact either myself or Sangar to add an exclusion for you! 2. No spamming. This includes but not limited to; excessive repetition, nick changes or abusing bot commands. - If you make a bot spam, YOU will be held responsible, not the bot. 2a. No making any bots spam or abusing their command. - The penalty for this offence: - First offence: 48-hour ban from the channel - Second offence: You will be denied access to all bots in the channel - Third offence: Same as normal 3rd offence (perma ban) 3. Have courtesy to others in the channel. 3a. No hate speech. This includes but is not limited to; racism, sexism, etc. 4. Try to keep profanity to a minimum and the topics around PG-13. 4a. With regards as to NSFW content in the official OC Communication Channels (Read: The Discord, IRC channel, Forums, etc), the Admin team has this to say on the matter: 5. No spam links or links to malicious/pirated software. We don't want it and the latter is actually against EsperNet's ToS. Light discussion about said topics is fine so long as you do not distribute pirated content. 5a. Follow EsperNet's ToS. You can read them here. Since the OC Channel is on their network you need to follow them when talking in it. 6. No harassing members of the channel for private information. If they want to share it with you then it is up to them. 7. No impersonating, we must know who is who, therefore, do not pretend to be anyone else or use another person's nickname. 8. No long-ass nicks: if your nick is longer than 16 characters then please shorten it before speaking. It's incredibly annoying, especially on mobile as nicks over 16 characters may wrap over to multiple lines. 9. No ban / punishment evading. If you are quietened or banned, don't try and evade it. Each evade gets you the next penalty up. 10. No whining about the rules. If you feel something is hard to understand or needs altering then talk to either a channel OP or myself ( Lizzy) in a respectable manner and we shall consider it. 11. The channel ops/moderators have the last say. If an op/moderator tells you to stop doing something, you do so! InGame IRC client bits: You are welcome to join in-game IRC clients to this channel providing you adhere to the following: No death/join messages, no spamming and only one user per connection/nick (please notify us beforehand if you have multiple people with separate clients joining the channel from the same host). General penalties: - First Offence: 24-hour ban - Second Offence: 7-day ban - Third Offence: Permanent ban from the channel (and other connected services, like discord) Current Moderators are: Kodos, Gamax, Vexatos & Payonel If you feel you have been wrongly punished for something then please contact a channel OP (Sangar, SpiritedDusty, Michiyo or myself).
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