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Everything posted by Lizzian

  1. When posting please provide at least the following information: How to get the pack (be it a link to download it or ways of getting it from a public launcher such as Technic or FTB) IP address of the server Mod list (all mods) Failure to comply will result in your thread being locked/deleted. Ads for "minecraft server listing sites", minecraft server hosting, etc are not allowed. Your post must be for a server you either run or help run.
  2. Closing due to thread not containing enough information (like what pack and ip address to connect to). Feel free to edit the original topic post and pm me asking for it to be unlocked.
  3. The server will be coming back soon, check for a new thread in this section sometime later this week
  4. Hmm, weird. Also yes, after you have 3 approved posts you can post freely. it's mainly there to combat spam accounts
  5. No problem As for multiple messages, are you sure there are not any loops within the network between the 2 machines you have?
  6. Try this local component = require( "component" ) local event = require( "event" ) print( "Pulling broadcasts from port 25565" ) component.modem.open( 25565 ) -- only need to open it once while true do -- don't need the sleep in there, event.pull blocks until the signal is detected local _, _, from, port, _, message = event.pull( "modem_message" ) -- parts with "_" are not stored print( "Got " .. tostring( message ) .. " from " .. from .. " on port " .. port ) end http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:modem for reference
  7. Heyo, Not the usual announcement you'd find in this section but it is worth an announcement. I have added the ability to name your spoilers, see the example code and demonstration below: [namedspoiler=Title for the spoiler] Blah Content Blah [/namedspoiler] Title for the spoiler Blah Content Blah If you have any other suggestions for things to add just drop me a PM
  8. I'm not worried about post lengths
  9. Microcontrollers are not meant to be easy. As for blocks for reading them, I think Computronics might add one (don't quote me on that, I'm not 100% sure). They can be read the same way they're written to (i think the flash program has arguments for reading from the EEPROM to a file) by putting it in a computer case.
  10. EEPROMs can store 4096 bytes of code (dependant on the architecture of the CPU in the computer) and can be written to by utilising the "flash" program in OpenOS (not sure if other OS' have flash programs). once you have booted the computer to OpenOS you can remove the Lua BIOS EEPROM and put in a blank one ready for writing to. You will need to keep the EEPROM in some sort of loop because if the program exits/finishes then it will turn off. http://ocdoc.cil.li/tutorial:custom_oses may also be of use to know what is available to the controller.
  11. Corrected the typo in your topic title
  12. What exactly is this useful for?
  13. SERVER OFFLINE: The main "enderverse" server is now offline and will be for the forseable future as I am finding it tiring to keep mods up to date when there is hardly any players on there. I may come back with a new server later but The Enderverse is dead
  14. Okay, so recently I haven't had either the time or the will power to look at the server. I am currently in the process of updating mods on the server and generally tidying it up a bit. I'm also trying to get cauldron working Got it working, server is almost back.
  15. Computronics isn't dead, Asie may have stepped away from it but Vexatos is still maintaining it
  16. Lizzian

    Server Mods

    You guys do realise this thread was created back in May last year?
  17. Yeah, the IRC channel does like to get out of hand every now and then... I don't want to enforce the constant "OC talk only" because I feel that it would make it a very dull place to be.
  18. My server (the enderverse) is creative. i really need to update it's main forum post though
  19. Lizzian

    #oc slogans

    8. <@Sangar> #oc, where we discuss the correct spelling of insults
  20. looks promising, keep up the good work will test this when I can
  21. There's OpenPrograms Package Manager (OPPM) which allows you to install programs from various users on the OpenPrograms organisation on GitHub (https://github.com/OpenPrograms)
  22. expanding from xfel, the internet card provides the pastebin program (same as CCs) and wget for downloading files from the internet
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