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Everything posted by Lizzian

  1. Its the seconds since the epoch (or in this case, world start)
  2. did you make sure the tape was at the beginning before writing it? Also I think (depending on how the script does it) that the dropbox url gets forced to https so that my be causing issues
  3. remove the <> around the url
  4. local component = require("component") local modem = component.modem local term = require("term") local event = require("event") local prgms = {"move to","home","unready","reportPos","exit"} local port = 100 print("Starting Robot Commander...") print("Opening port "..port.."...") modem.open(port) print("Port "..port.." open: :"..tostring(modem.isOpen(port))) os.sleep(1) local select = 0 while prgms[select] ~= "exit" do print("\n\nRobot Commander\n") print("1) Move robot to...") print("2) Send robot home") print("3) Exit robot ready state\n (unable to restart remo
  5. this seems like a similar issue to issue #637 on github (tablet wont let me paste link)
  6. Might as well keep you guys in the loop with server development: I plan to revise the pack and the server before the end of the year (I've got college and job stuff to do so not much time for recreating stuff) since the mods I was originally going to use are now up to date and the current pack is a bit resource intensive. I'll post more details when I can / when i think of them.
  7. I really need to look at this more often, Cat & CoLDarkness: Accepted, see me on IRC (Either as "Ender" or "Slender", depends on when you read this) for server details and the pack download. (Currently updating it)
  8. This was (or something similar) discussed in IRC and I think the general outcome was "No", mainly because having a full computer in a single (or two) block space(s) completely goes against the look and feel of OC
  9. This is also a fairly old topic (started in June)
  10. Computronics is it's own mod made by Asie, it adds a load of extra things besides the chat boxes
  11. Computronics adds a "chat box", probably the one you used. With that you can do the event.pull("chat_message")
  12. I've notified Michiyo via IRC about the 500 error so I guess she'll look when he can
  13. 1st part was discussed on IRC so I'll copy the bit of the log that matters: as for the modem stuff, if you write at the top of your script something like server = "UUID HERE" computerA = "Blah" then you can simply reference it as modem.send( server, port, data )
  14. Copying from OC is a lot harder than pasting, if you want to edit it outside the game and have it show up instantly ingame, set bufferedFilesystems to false in the OC config. As for pneumaticcraft stuff, have you looked at the pressure monitor that can be attached to pipes? That will output a RS signal strength in correlation to the pressure inside the tube.
  15. If you can get a mod to load the sound file, there's no reason why Masssound shouldn't be able to play it
  16. Are you on a server when you're trying to access it? because you would need OpenComponents on the server as well (all luia stuff is done server side)
  17. have you looked at the Wiki? If not then it's at http://ocdoc.cil.li
  18. I think that is done by one of the robot upgrades but I cant remember what one (inventory manager or something), have a look on the OC Wiki ( http://ocdoc.cil.li ) for information on the component methods
  19. I will experiment and post my findings later, if you could specify what MC version you want the info for that would be helpful
  20. If you're using railcraft, why not use it's world anchors? (chunk loaders) yes, they may need enderpearls but they load the chunk fine (they load a 3 x 3 chunk area with the center one being the chunk the anchor block is in)
  21. Sometimes CC stuff only gets loaded when CC is present so you may need it to even use it from OC (OpenComponents can only convert/use what it sees, if the CC stuff isn't loaded because CC isn't there then it's not going to do much good)
  22. Dont use "local" in the luau prompt, it'll make it local to that line
  23. Sirdabalot, accepted. Remind me tomorrow to whitelist you
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