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  1. Released Thistle v1.1.0, with many bug fixes and changes: CPU core is now a 65C02! While the "illegal opcodes" are safe on a real 65C02, do not use the ones in Thistle as they are reserved BootROM has been ported to ca65 syntax, files for ca65/cc65 have been added to the repository Component List command now accepts (no input) as list everything, and (number) as component select Built in terminal now uses minecraft's wool colors instead of standard terminal colors Jars have been uploaded to GitHub's Releases page, a more detailed Changelog is also available there.
  2. Released Thistle v1.0.4, containing some important bug fixes to the boot rom: Fixed an off by three corruption issue (TSF tag ID and length) when listing components, only the first listed address was stored properly UUIDs now have dashes in the correct spot (visual bug only, did not break anything) Booting from a filesystem now no longer reads too much data into memory (minor bug, did not break anything) Jars have been uploaded to GitHub release's page, you may also manually download and flash the new rom with openos's flash command.
  3. Nice job! Would it be possible for me to include this server in my repo? (with complete credit to you of course)
  4. Just got finished implementing and testing all the various features for my architecture I've called Thistle Thistle is a 6502 based architecture for OpenComputers Fully persistable Supports up to 256MB of memory via memory mapping Built in VT100 like terminal and keyboard input Built in DMA Engine Built in EEPROM (soon to have built in assembler (and network booting hopefully)) Component and Signal interface via TSF Serialization Supports booting programs off Managed Filesystems and Unmanaged drives API to allow others to create 6502 friendl
  5. Slightly off topic sorry but, that is a nice looking GUI, very nice job! Do you plan on separating it and making a separate library for it?
  6. Technically, only Unicode that is U+0000 to U+FFFF is supported, and of course there are various gaps in that You can open up font.hex, inside the jar or located here (it's a big file), and look for your character code before the colon to see if it's supported. An alternative is to use the unicode api's char function, like unicode.char(0x2384), and if you get a question mark out then it's not supported.
  7. Sadly yeah, the unmanaged drive isn't used very often, I had an idea to write a drivefs wrapper (creating devices out of components) but then never got around to it ...
  8. You aren't supposed to pass huge blocks through this. You're supposed to compress it in chunks.
  9. Both servers are now capable of supporting multiple clients! Also improved the security in ocnetfs, where only math.huge is available to the unserializer, and it checks if it compiled.
  10. Description: What OCNetFS allows you to do is mount a folder from an actual server over the internet, as a filesystem component. Server implementations: There are two server implementations so far: Love2D Server: Features the sandbox and love.filesystem api from Love2D, but conf.lua/main.lua will be listed, and cannot specify which folder to host. All required libraries are included. LuaFilesystem Server: Uses an experimental/bad sandbox, and lfs isn't too great, but can run in places without Xorg, and the folder to use is the working directory. Its easy to change the folder, by setting "cur
  11. I am not too sure, but I believe that error is caused from a change in the OreDict that forge did. It has been since corrected in the Developement builds but the Dev builds are also rather unstable and have changes that are a bit different from your version of OC You can downgrade to Forge 1.7.2- Or use this patched version: here
  12. Version 1.1 released: Changed parameter delimter from colon to semi-colon Changed texture
  13. Just looked at all three of those programs, they look really good! That is a nice collection of programs there, one thing you can do to further increase people using them is to join OpenPrograms. OpenPrograms is our github organization that hosts many programs for OpenComputers, and adding these would help increase the collection. Send Vexatos a message if this interests you.
  14. Description: The MassSound addon adds a card which can play minecraft sounds. You can use any sound that is in your sound folder, like "tile.piston.in" or "note.bd" The Pitch (really, just speed) and Volume of the sound can also be changed. Note: I'm not likely to read this topic. If you've come across issues, post them here, and file an issue on Github's issue link Recipes: Takes a Tier1 MicroChip, a Card Base, and a Note Block Links: Documentation Downloads + Source Code
  15. Description: For those who are using Computronics, I've made a collection of utilities that may help you in your usage regarding the tapes. The programs in this collection are: dumptape, formattape, loadtape, and setspeed Note: To avoid saying this several times, address is optional and needed to specify which tape drive to use if multiple are attached. dumptape: Usage: dumptape filename [address] Dumps the contents of a tape to a file. formattape: Usage: formattape [address] Clears the contents of a tape to 0x00. loadtape: Usage: loadtape filename [speed] [address] Loa
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